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Hot Beats :: From Radio to the Club, A Fresh Take on What We Are Hearing Right Now!

By Ryan Edwards | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Look, I'm 36 years old, so today's pop music just doesn't cut it with me. I'm at the age when Sexy Otter meets Bitter B!tch. In my day, the Chainsmokers were my friends and me at 5 a.m. walking from the Coliseum to the Copa.

Shoulders Like Boulders

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Strong, well developed deltoids will give your upper body that extra flair -- plus, the stronger these muscle are, the more your deep rotator cuff muscles will be protected from injury.

Queens We Love :: Alyson Thomas

By Scott Thomas | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
From the moment I first met Alyson Thomas, too many years ago to mention, I took a liking to her. My hope is that you will love "Momma Bear" (her nickname) as much as I do!

Gay 8 Festival Returns to Little Havana

By Ian Maloney | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Whether you are a long time resident of South Florida who hasn't had much of a reason to check out Little Havana in some time or an out of town snowbird, check out Gay8.

The Rainbow 5K :: Pride Center Commits to Healthy Living in the New Year!

Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Lace up your brightest jogging shoes and slip on your splashiest running shorts! You can soon dress in your favorite color of the rainbow and join The Pride Center's SECOND ANNUAL 5K fundraiser.

What's HOT South Florida :: Jan. 12 - 15

By Scott Holland | Thursday Jan 12, 2017
Deals! Events! Movies! Fun! Come and get 'em while they're HOT!

Queens We Love :: Latrice Royale

By Scott Holland | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
It was my pleasure to pick Latrice Royale for the inaugural column, as Latrice and I have been friends for almost 20 years.

A Fitter, Healthier 2017: Just Do It!

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
This time of the calendar year every publication does it -- they post a list of New Year's resolutions that should be implemented into your life. Well, here are mine, from a fitness trainer's point of view.

Absolutely Awesome Abdominals and How to Get Them!

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
No doubt, a wash-board midsection is the crowning achievement of any physique. In addition to looking sleek and sexy, a lean, toned middle is good for maintaining a healthy, pain-free lower back.

No Rainbow Ahead for LGBT Americans

By Peter Jackson | Saturday Jan 7, 2017
The sobering, gun-in-your-face reality is that big challenges to the rights of every LGBT American lie ahead in 2017.

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