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Coronad Playhouse at 71: Opening with 'Altar Boyz'

By Lisa Lipsey | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Audiences raved after last season's concert reading of "Alter Boyz," so the Playhouse is mounting a full-length, all-singing, all-dancing production.

Surf's Up and Out

Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Carlsbad resident Bill Curci first started riding waves when he was five and "got into surfing" at 13.

An Evening In Paris

By Joel Martens | Sunday Jan 15, 2017
"An Evening in Paris" is the latest incarnation of Orange County AIDS Services Foundation's most successful event. Here's what to expect from this year's stylish evening.

'The Last Five Years' :: Meeting in the Middle

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
In a nutshell, "The Last Five Years" is an intimately powerful musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. La Mirada Theatre's Tom McCoy told us all about it.

San Diego Restaurant Week

By Joel Martens | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Now that you've recovered from the indulgences of Christmas and New Year's, it's time once again to loosen those belts a bit more and enjoy one of the city's best and brightest foodie events.

Warwick Rowers: Shedding Clothes and Stereotypes

By Joel Martens | Saturday Jan 14, 2017
Warwick Rowers, a group of college-level competitors, not only support shedding LGBT stereotypes -- they literally shed their clothing as a part of their message.

'Passengers' :: Understanding the Journey

By Joel Martens | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
Would you take an interstellar journey if you had the chance? How about if that trip entailed leaving behind everything you've ever known, during a 120-year flight in a hibernation pod to an uninhabited, new world?

RENT: 20th Anniversary Tour

By Lisa Lipsey | Sunday Jan 8, 2017
Two decades after its broadway premiere, Jonathan Larson's "RENT" continues to speak loudly and defiantly to audiences across generations and all over the world.

Fit to Fit In

By Cutter Slagle | Saturday Jan 7, 2017
Are we killing ourselves at the gym because it feels good and we crave a healthy lifestyle? Or do we have an ulterior motive for looking good?

Movie Awards 2016 :: Is Hollywood Finally Embracing Diversity?

By Chris Carpenter | Saturday Jan 7, 2017
Filmmakers and studio chiefs have been under tremendous, public pressure this past year to make more movies that incorporate racial, gender and sexual diversity. And indeed, things improved in 2016, as this article shows.

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