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Summertime - and the Skincare is Easy Breezy

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by Mark Thompson

Kate Somerville: Daily Deflector Moisturizer

The thing that’s great about summer is also the biggest threat to your skin. Yes, we’re talking sun. You crave that blissful, mindless sensation of lying naked and exposed to Helios - and yet your skin is screaming for mercy. What you need is a moisturizer that allows you a summer glow without turning you into a lizard.

Kate Somerville’s Daily Deflector Moisturizer does triple duty with a formula that provides hydration, UV protection, and anti-aging benefits. An ingenious delivery system keeps the sunscreen in a reservoir atop the skin, while the anti-aging ingredients penetrate below the surface.

Formulated with shitake mushrooms, which help in skin tightening, Daily Deflector reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, particularly on the forehead and around the eyes. Lightly scented with a sweetness that evokes the best of summer days at the beach, Daily Deflector protects you from the sun’s aggression, while enabling you to soak up its benefit.

Let Daily Deflector deliver sun protection while you search for your summer crush.

PRICE: $48.00 / 1.7 fl. oz.
LINK: Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Moisturizer


R. Cooper: Eye Rejuvenator

Long summer nights equal late nights, which equal even later mornings.

Yes, it’s summer - but you still have to get to the office, somehow. And yes, we know it’s not pretty and especially when you’re wearing that long summer night on your face.

The eyes have it; they tell your summer story. So if you have even an ounce of dignity after your debauchery, you’ll want your eyes to look just as fresh and innocent as you felt after that first kiss.

That’s where R. Cooper’s Eye Rejuvenator comes in. This potent eye crème is specifically formulated for men (and naughty boys). Formulated with peptides to protect against free radical damage, Eye Rejuvenator moisturizes that sensitive skin around your eyes.

Founded in 2010, R. Cooper was started by a professional matchmaker whose first grooming product was a bespoke cologne for his Valentine. (Someone knows how to get what he wants.) Named for the founder’s dogs, Riley and Cooper, R. Cooper skincare products are vegan and fragrance-free. Headquartered in San Diego, R. Cooper can be found online, or at select retailers and spas.

This summer, say bye-bye to tired eyes and hello to the man of your dreams.

PRICE: $53.95 / .5 fl. oz.
LINK: R. Cooper Eye Rejuvenator


Vermont Soap: Organic Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap

Summertime - and the boys come and go through the portals of your summer share. And so do germs. Long summer days mean more time outside - and sometimes you just don’t know where his hands have been or what you’ve been touching.

With the onslaught of news about contagious super-bugs, washing one’s hands takes on a new kind of urgency. Vermont Soap, one of the nation’s first USDA organic manufacturing facilities, recently expanded its line of hand soaps with the launch of Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap.

Combining the strength of tea tree oil with the fresh scent of organic peppermint oil, the new Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap is effective against germs, without damaging your skin. Formulated with organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, as well as an essential oil blend of lavender, aloe vera, and rosemary, Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap smells like a summer day by the shore.

Founded in 1992 by a man who had severe allergies to synthetic ingredients, Vermont Soap offered an alternative to the petrochemical-based detergents that were prevalent at the time - and is now the largest manufacturer of handmade organic bar soap in North America.

Completely free of artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, and animal by-products, Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand soap contains only pure essential oils and is sold in a reusable foamer container.

A pioneer in organics, the Middlebury, Vermont company also operates an Antique Soap Museum, complete with factory tours and demonstrations.

This summer, wash his hands and feet - and see where that leads.

PRICE: $7.78 / 7 oz.
LINK: Vermont Soap Organic Tea Tree Mint Foaming Hand Soap


A long-term New Yorker and a member of New York Travel Writers Association, Mark Thompson has also lived in San Francisco, Boston, Provincetown, D.C., Miami Beach and the south of France. The author of the novels WOLFCHILD and MY HAWAIIAN PENTHOUSE, he has a PhD in American Studies and is the recipient of fellowships at MacDowell, Yaddo, and Blue Mountain Center. His work has appeared in numerous publications.