For the Grooms (or Brides): Gay Wedding Gifts

by David Andrusia
Thursday Mar 4, 2010

Expended too much energy fighting Prop 8 to worry about gifts for your favorite new couple? Good job!

Since you’ve been waging war on the battleground of gay civil unions and marriages, we’ve done some "heavy gifting" for you. From budget-conscious choices for the unemployed among us (your friends will love you whatever you give) to top-shelf gifts for those on the money train, these gift ideas that every new couple will want to have.

A toast to the newly marrieds as our fight for equality continues!

Vitamix Professional Series 500

Lifelong friends aren’t born, they’re made--and giving this top-drawer Vita-Mix to the happy couple should ensure godparent status post-haste.

The top of the line of the highly respected Vita-Mix brand, this mixer is pro-quality in every way. The all-new pulse feature provides greater control than ever before, with a greater range of choice in final texture; it makes this mixer a de facto food processor in every way but name. We’re also wild about the pre-processed selections that allow you to create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts with the greatest of ease. The variable speed control allows you to go from low to high with a smoother motion than in lesser machines, and the stainless steel high-tech look will please even your most design-demanding friends. A gift from the gods!

$549 at Sur La Table stores nationwide and at and

MAC Santoku Knife

The most important item in newlyweds’ kitchen? A pro-quality knife--and it doesn’t have to be German.

This Japanese-made santoku knife is only 6 1/2" long (!), but it does everything the big guys can do with style and finesse. The dimples (called "grantons") keep food from sticking to the blade, an occupational hazard with standard chef’s knives. There’s also a metal bolster between the handle and the blade to ensure optimal balance and handling. We’re also suckers for the samurai-style lettering on the box-vry butch.

$95 at specialty retail shops and at

Jura Capresso Espresso Machine

When I was invited to the San Francisco wedding of two Stanford Law grads, I panicked: what to get two men who made six figures the day they left school, and now owned a mansion in Laurel Heights?

We all have friends who have everything but a Picasso... and maybe an authentic Swiss espresso maker. So why not form a present pool with a band of friends, and get the landed gentry something even they will be impressed with? The Capresso’s patent-pending Zero-Energy-Technology uses less electricity than any other coffee center on the market and produces the authentic, espressi, capuccini, and latti in a slim, striking design--plus 18 bars of pressure, a professional-grade conical burr grinder, self-cleaning cycle, and automatic filtration (which means no calcification, ever). Top-shelf? Hey, even the big-shot lawyers will be impressed--and you’ll have every excuse in the world to drop in for coffee whenever you want.

$899 at Crate & Barrel stores and at

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    I love these gifts

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    Quite like such a small object in the house not only look good is not very practical area of Yehao pumping too much occupied Tibet really like

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