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Him and Him and Her and Her Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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by Mark Thompson

Jacomo de Jacomo: Original

Remember Marlon Brando in "The Wild One"? You look at that iconic photograph of him on the Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle, you can smell the black leather jacket, the tobacco lingering in the air.

If there’s an iconoclastic rebel on your gift list, you might think about Jacomo de Jacomo. Intensely masculine and sensual, Jacomo de Jacomo is as dark as a moonless night, redolent of smoke and burning wood. Think bikers around a fire, quaffing from silver flasks. A hint of clove hangs in the air, mixed with the smell of Gauloises cigarettes.

Jacomo de Jacomo opens like a lavender smudge stick that burns like rubber: slow and steamy. It’s the dead of winter in an oil-stained woodshop where a cinnamon stick burns atop a cedar wood-burning stove.

Originally launched in 1980, Jacomo de Jacomo recalls a time when men like Brando and Bogart let their presence speak loudest.

PRICE: $65.00 / 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml.
LINK: Jacomo de Jacomo Original


Lubin: Bluff

Years ago, in another century, we had a cowboy boyfriend who smoked Marlboros, wore a belt buckle in the shape of Texas - and slept with his cowboy hat on the pillow. What can we say? It was a chapter.

Long before "Brokeback Mountain" (and even the Village People), queer cowboys have been the stuff of homo fantasy. Enter the House of Lubin and their fragrance Bluff, subtitled "Conquest of the West."

Leave it the French to dissect and distill the American character. After all, it was the French who resurrected Faulkner and embraced Jerry Lewis and brought Disney to their homeland.

Established in 1798 by the peripatetic global nomad Pierre Francois Lubin, the House of Lubin made its mark with fragrances that captured the scents of exotic lands - and at the end of the 18th century, what was more exotic than the "New World"?

Dedicated to the Wild West and the invigorating elixirs that were popular during the Gold Rush, Bluff is an homage to the beneficial frontier tonics imbibed by the original Forty Niners. Top notes of lime, nutmeg, and cinnamon give Bluff a burst of effervescence that evokes a certain popular soft drink. The spicy sweet freshness of Bluff’s opening segues into heart notes of clary sage and kola nut, before settling into a woody, fresh drydown of vetiver and sandalwood.

The truth is, the Wild West was a rough and tumble time - and most of those cowboys probably had to wash in the river where they were panning for gold. The same river where they washed their original Levi Strauss jeans. And while those jeans dried on the riverbank, those cowboys probably rolled around in the grassy meadows before sleeping on pine needles.

If you want to relive those cowboy fantasies, Bluff is your man.

PRICE: $120.00 / 2.5 oz.
LINK: Bluff by House of Lubin


Eight & Bob Eau de Toilette

In spite of their ostensible love for democracy, Americans love pedigree and provenance - and particularly when complemented by romance. Few figures in recent American history have more pedigree and romance than JFK and Jackie, which is one reason why the newly-recovered fragrance, Eight and Bob, is certain to provoke interest - even without smelling the juice.

Introduced in New York at Elements Showcase, the highly-curated fragrance show, Eight & Bob is packaged in a hollowed-out book of the sort where guns and flasks might appear in film noir. The story behind that book concerns JFK and his friend Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, who wore a bespoke fragrance that captivated JFK enough to request a sample - no, make that eight samples, plus one for brother Bobby Kennedy.

When Fouquet sent the samples to JFK, they were labeled "Eight & Bob" and arrived in a hollowed-out book to elude the Nazis. As for the fragrance which opens with spicy and citrus notes before settling into the warmth of amber and vanilla, it’s as much a personification of JFK’s seductive prowess as Acqua di Parma is reflective of Cary Grant’s charms.

Formulated with a plant that Fouquet called "Andrea," which is found in the highest altitudes of the Andes in Chile, Eight & Bob is produced in limited quantities, based on the annual harvest of this indigenous plant.

If there’s anyone on your gift list obsessed with American nobility, then Eight & Bob is going to make them swoon.

PRICE: $195.00 / 100 ml
LINK: Eight & Bob


Perricone MD: Cold Plasma

Looking for something to make your mother smile? Want to see your man look like he was twenty all over again? How about a little something to make you glow with adolescent radiance? Dr. Perricone’s got just the thing.

Listen, are you going to argue with the Yale professor who wrote the best-selling "The Wrinkle Cure"? For years, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the world-renowned aging expert, has been the dermatological authority on all matters related to the art and science of aging beautifully. It was Perricone who introduced the concept of cosmeceutical formulations as an alternative to more invasive procedures. In other words, as millions will attest, Perricone spared them from the knife.

Perricone MD has been at the forefront of cosmeceutical research since the brand’s inception in 1997. Launched in 2009 after five years of research, Cold Plasma has been Perricone MD’s biggest breakthrough - and one of the company’s biggest sellers. Why? Because Cold Plasma prevents and corrects the big ten most visible signs of aging. Yes, the big ten - and we know you can count them in the mirror.

With a formulation that includes neuropeptides and DMAE which help to reverse sagging (yep, that’s one of the ten right there), Cold Plasma brightens skin with amino acids, which provide superior hydration. Cold Plasma replenishes nutrients while creating an optimal state for cell growth.

Since Cold Plasma’s release five years ago, numerous studies have shown that nearly 100% of respondents said that their skin was healthy, radiant, and smooth.

Cold Plasma just might make all your New Year’s resolutions come true.

PRICE: $155.00 / 1 fl. oz.
LINK: Perricone MD Cold Plasma


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