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Naughty, Not-So-Nice Gifts for Him

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by Steve Weinstein

Clever Petra Brief

From now on, whenever you hear the name Petra, you’ll be thinking about a lot more than a historic site in Jordan. These all-mesh briefs provide just enough exposure, while the contour pouch will put his crowning glory on display. Added bonus: There’s the same material as the pouch along the bottom of the rear for even more "emphasis."

$24, Undergear

Moccasin Brief

The "pleather" material looks and feels like stretched-out leather. The way low-rise thin waistband only highlights the sheer see-through material below. There’s an inner ring for "enhancement" (not that he needs it) and -- best of all -- a removable pouch.

$38, California Muscle

Dragon Mesh Boxerbrief

I have no idea of what a "boxerbrief" is; maybe a concept borrowed from quantum mechanics. What I do know is that no one makes stretchy mesh underwear like Good Devil. The white mesh is highlighted by wraparound dragon art and the contour pouch, all outlined in black.

$24, Pacific Jock

Forbidden Boxerbrief

Gregg Homme does it again, with a mesh, leather-like fabric and an enhancing pouch with a zipper (be careful with that!). The crisscrossing fabric panels only add to the fun.

$45, Pacific Jock


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