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2012 Fashion Trends to End

by Mac Smith
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jan 9, 2013

The calendar once again has turned to a new year and with it the opportunity to change more than just the page. It was a good year for some.

Christian Dior snagged sexy Belgian designer Raf Simons as Creative Director. Best-dressed lists included Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, and the always stunning Julianne Moore.

Others weren't so lucky as the paparazzi snapped some fashion mishaps that never should have left home. Let's collectively commit to putting out to pasture these 10 style trends of 2012 that need to be buried in the sartorial past.

Bow Ties and Bad Hair

1. Bow Ties
At some point, with the renewed interest in dandy fashion and dressing up, the once geeky bow tie became de rigueur. Far too precocious for daytime dressing, bow ties fare much better for black tie formal events. A bow tie as an everyday option has become cloying, men. Elect for the full tie or none at all.

2. Ombre Hair
When done brown to blonde like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel, this super popular with celebs hairstyle looks dry and aging. However, the newly emerged trend of dip dyed hyper color tips is just downright trashy. Leave the My Little Pony hair in the toy box where it belongs.

3. Partial Shaved Sides
While on the topic of celeb hair, this pseudo punk trend of shaving just the side of your head may be an eye-catching look for stage, but ask yourself before attempting: am I an international pop star like Ke$ha and Cassie who always need a new look, good or bad? No? Move on.

Style Takes a Stumble

4. Hi-Low Designer Collaborations
This holiday season, Target and Neiman Marcus got together with a vast array of fashion designers for a one-off collection of gift items and the pre-hype was palpable. Yet most of these goods still sit on the half-off clearance rack untouched. Similar results occurred with H&M’s Margiela collection, Uniqlo x Undercover and more. The message is clear: designer colab fever has evolved into fatigue. Let’s put this once fresh idea on the shelf for a while.

5. Franken-Shoes
These mega monstrosities make even the most delicate little thing (see: Elle Fanning) look flatfooted, clumsy and unsexy. Why would anyone want to leaden her stride with cumbersome and confining clogs? They didn’t really spice up anyone’s life back in the 90s and their flavor is lacking even more so now. Do yourself and your Instagram a favor and walk on by this trend.

6. Neon
Not too many people have the skin coloring to pull off this flashy trend. Intense saturation can put the spotlight on certain underlying tones in your skin that you didn’t even know you had. Plus brights are usually tight and stretchy. Color is upbeat and refreshing, yes, but with neon pink, yellow and orange, you risk highlighting flaws. In 2013 opt for colors in shades inspired by nature, not chemical labs.

Does Anyone Still Wear a Hat?

7. Forgetting to Wear Pants
Back in 2006 when lady stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears were accidentally (?) flashing their bits about town, we were happy to see them at least take cover under leggings. Since then, however, the leggings and T-shirt look has evolved beyond the bottom. Now everyone is running around Emperor’s New Clothes style. Well, we’re on to you, Lena Dunham. The jig is up.

8. Printed Pants
Save the pants with flowers, cutesy animals or unicorns on them for your toddler. It is very hard for playful prints to come off as sophisticated and can be a real challenge to integrate in a working, professional wardrobe. Do you real want a parade of pachyderms running down your patella?

9. Fur Vests
PETA aside, these 70s throwbacks that Rachel Zoe remade trendy need to disco out of the fashion scene. It does not matter how thin you are (ahem, Ms. Zoe,) these bulky toppers visually make you look heavier. And, well... furrier. Dressing like a Wookie is not fashion forward, and after all, it is 2013.

10. The Floppy Hat
The days of "Blossom" are long gone and even longer since "Annie Hall." But who doesn’t love to don a chapeau now and then? Find yourself a skilled milliner who can create an accessory that suits your individual style.

Mac Smith Mac Smith is a New York City based fashion writer who has never met a cat, coat or cake he didn't love. Follow him on Instagram at @macsmith1218 and Twitter at @itcantallbedior.


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