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Beer Merger Leaves Future Uncertain for Competitors

By Danica Kirka | Nov 15
Heineken, Molson Coors and Carlsberg are storied brewers that trace their roots back hundreds of years and have loyal drinkers around the world. But the merger of their two biggest competitors leaves such mid-size brewers without a clear way forward.

Wine Spirit and Bucking Fashion

By Billy Nordmeier | Nov 14
Unlike the fashion sense of the '80s, there is such a thing as true innovation, which mistakenly, I believe, we label as"trends." Here's what's ascendent in the SoCal cocktail world.

Coffee Conundrum: Drama Over Starbucks Holiday Cup

Nov 14
But the brew-haha of outrage that has spilled from Starbucks' cranberry colored throwaway is increasingly hard to figure.

The Cost of Your Thanksgiving Feast

By Steve Karnowski | Nov 13
Bird flu took a bite out of the turkey supply. Heavy rain washed out the pumpkin crop. Yet Thanksgiving groceries likely won't cost Americans much more than last year, and nobody should have to miss gobbling down their favorite holiday foods.

Travel Essentials: Memphis

By Adrian Sainz | Nov 12
This city loves its music. It protects its history. And it's really starting to like its beer.

Copenhagen's Noma Relocates in 2017

By Jan M. Olsen | Nov 11
One of Europe's most famous restaurants, Noma, is set to close at the end of next year and reopen as an eatery with its own vegetable farm on the edge of Copenhagen's edgy Christiania neighborhood.

Chipotle Stores May Reopen Midweek: No E. coli Source Found

By Donna Gordon Blankinship | Nov 10
Washington state health officials say they have found no source for the E. coli outbreak related to Chipotle, and the chain's Pacific Northwest restaurants could reopen later this week.

Celebrity Chef Cat Cora and Wife File For Divorce

Nov 10
Celebrity chef Cat Cora says she is getting a divorce from her partner of 17 years.

Take a Tattoo for the Team: An Interview with Aaron Sanchez

By J.M. Hirsch | Nov 9
Are you just about over chefs and their tattoos? Food Network star Aaron Sanchez certainly is.

Chef Jose Andres Focuses on Haitian Cuisine in PBS Special

By Beth J. Harpaz | Nov 9
Chef Jose Andres hopes that by boosting the profile of Haitian cuisine, he can inspire more travelers to visit.

11 thru 20 of 3058 Stories