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100 Years of Coffee with Dallis Bros.

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Good to the Last Drop

Here are a sample of some of Dallis Bros.’ single origin and blends:

Dominican Republic Finca Rufino ($13 - 12 oz.)
A great cup of coffee is sometimes born not just out of dedication, but technology. This coffee is the result of a special technique known as Serrano Supremo, which selects the densest beans at the mill, for a superior flavor when roasted. The deep red grape and blackberry notes of this coffee are a wonderful representation of the Dominican Republic’s potential.

Ethiopia Kochere Yirgacheffe Single Origin Espresso ($16 - 12 oz.)
Ethiopia is known the world over for its beautiful coffee. Not only is it the birthplace of all Arabica coffee, it is home to some of the most diverse regions, varieties and cup profiles. There are notes of lemon, lavender and sweet honey, but the supporting body and chocolate notes make this coffee come alive as espresso.

Brazil Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida ($13 - 12 oz.)
Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aperecida has a story built on a passion for coffee through generations. This lot provides a deliciously sweet, smooth cup laden with notes of honey, graham, milk chocolate and spice.

Ellis Island Blend ($12 - 12 oz.)
As part of their commitment to supporting sustainable growing practices and co-ops in coffee growing countries, Dallis Bros. offer this blend of dark- and light-roasted Fair Trade and Organic (FTO) coffees. This dark roast adds that pleasant bittersweet note and the light roast brings balance with wonderful nutty notes and some acidity.

Red Den Blend ($12 - 12 oz.)
Red Den is a combination of three top quality Arabica coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia. Each of these three coffees brings a unique element to the blend, both in terms of the origins themselves, the processes utilized during the harvest, and of course the flavor profiles created. These coffees are also grown, processed, and harvested using 100 percent certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified practices. Bold flavors of mesquite, spice, dark chocolate and creamy body are all attributes brought to the fore by our artisanal roasting methodology.

Alphabet City Blend ($14 - 12 oz.)
Since 2001, Ninth Street has been ahead of the crowd: pushing the envelope and changing the way New York City sees an extraordinary cup of coffee. Available only in their shops and directly from Dallis Bros. comes Ninth Street’s own Alphabet City Blend, roasted by Dallis Bros. with coffee from their own fields in Brazil.

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