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MAC Cosmetics Plans Collection to Honor the Late Selena

Jul 20
A multi-product collection from MAC Cosmetics inspired by the late Latin icon Selena Quintanilla is planned for next year, the company has announced.

Chemicals in Plastic Home Products Linked to Health Issues

Jul 20
A series of studies found that potentially harmful plastic compounds thought to be safer may be just as risky. The phthalates are increasingly used to strengthen products including plastic wrap, soap, cosmetics and processed food containers.

To Infinity... And Exceptionally Good Hair

By David Foucher | Jul 15
Dale and Rob have cut hair in Harvard Square for decades, fighting rising rents and split ends. Now, the couple faces a new battle.

Coty Buys 43 Brands From Procter & Gamble

Jul 9
Coty is buying 43 beauty brands from Procter & Gamble Co., including Miss Clairol, Covergirl and Max Factor.

A Tour of Toronto Style-Makers

By David Perry | Jul 3
If you think Canada merely summons the image of bushy-bearded lumbersexuals hewing cords of wood, flannels flying, think again. Toronto's style-makers will prove you wrong.

Shampoo Sales Soar as Baby Becomes Instant Infant Celebrity

Jun 22
The recent spot for Johnson's Baby Wash is making a huge splash with more than 1 million clicks on YouTube. Gayle King met baby Monterey who's making a big impact online.

CVS Gets a Makeover

By Tom Murphy | Jun 18
CVS drugstores that quit tobacco sales last year are now getting health and beauty makeovers and a shot of ethnic diversity in some cases to attract customers who want more than a prescription refill.

Shorn or Hairy: Female Underarms Have Their Moment

By Leanne Italie | Jun 16
On social media and red carpets, from New York to China, hairy underarms are having a mainstream moment.

Black Hairstyle Competition Provokes Commentary in Cuba

By Andrea Rodriguez | Jun 15
A young Afro-Cuban performance artist transformed a Havana cultural center into the stage of a black hairstyle competition this weekend in a rare public commentary on racial beauty standards in Cuba.

Johnny Depp Takes on New Scent for Christian Dior

Jun 4
You'll soon be able to smell like Johnny Depp. The actor has agreed to endorse a fragrance for the first time, signing up with Dior.

11 thru 20 of 1116 Stories