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Olympic-Goers Get an Eyeful of Rio's Beauty-Consumed Culture

By Peter Prengaman | Aug 16
Visitors to South America's first Olympic games are getting an eyeful of the beauty- and fitness-obsessed culture.

5 Things That Are Skin No-Nos

By EDGE | Aug 12
There are a lot of things that we do that end up leading to clogged pores and a dull complexion. These skin "no-nos" should be avoided to help keep skin looking and feeling great.

4 Loos with a View

Aug 11
Sure, the room has incredible views, but what about the bathroom? In the world's most luxurious hotels, designers are taking 'room with a view' to the next level.

'Don't Thread on Me' With Hair Removal Rules

By Janet McConaughey | Aug 3
Women with decades of experience in "eyebrow threading" are out of work because Louisiana requires hundreds of hours of schooling unrelated to the hair-removal technique, a nonprofit law firm said Tuesday.

Smelling Good is Next to Godliness :: Find the Perfect Cologne for Any Occasion

Jul 31
There are many fragrances for men available for every occasion. Do you know which is the best scent to use for work? How about the perfect one for a date night or a trip to the outdoors, for weddings or family holidays?

Shiite Tattoos Show Pride Amid Tension

By Hassan Ammar | Jul 30
Hamada Baytown is one of a growing number of Shiite Muslims in Lebanon who have inked themselves with Shiite religious and political symbols as a show of pride in their community since neighboring Syria's civil war broke out in 2011.

What Are People Saying About Grooming Trends?

By Ian Maloney | Jul 30
It is only natural to want to know what other guys think about how we look. Even the most unkempt guys are really still making a statement, even if they are stating that they choose to not take care of themselves.

Manscaping Products Made Easy :: Hot Items to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

By Scott Holland | Jul 30
Growing up I remember my dad's grooming ritual was shaving and then putting on after shave and on special occasions some cologne. Boy, have the times changed and now the amount of grooming products men use are catching up to women's.

Spa Trends: Sound Vibrations & Digital Detox

By Beth J. Harpaz | Jul 29
Sound vibrations, warm seashells and a "digital detox" that involves surrendering your cellphone were among the healing and de-stressing techniques on display at this year's International Spa Association expo.

The 4-Step Guide to Flawless Feet

By Andrew Villagomez | Jul 28
EDGE style expert Andrew Villagomez chats with some of the industry's best skincare and men's grooming experts to compile four essential tips to help you hit the streets or beach.

11 thru 20 of 1203 Stories