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After Yearbook Photos Go Viral, Teen Becomes CoverGirl's 1st CoverBoy

Oct 12
James Charles, a 17-year-old New York-based makeup artist, became CoverGirl's first-ever CoverBoy, after becoming an Internet sensation last month.

Sports Announcer Claims Vocal Damage Caused by Hair Procedure

Oct 8
Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck says nerve damage he sustained during hair restoration surgery was responsible for a vocal cord injury he battled in 2011.

200-Year-Old Douche Device Discovered at NYC Construction Site

By Ula Ilnytzky | Oct 5
Nearly 1 million antiquities including ceramics, a bayonet, perfume and medicine bottles - even a 200-year-old douche device - have been unearthed at construction sites in New York City.

Fans Frustrated After Selena Makeup Line Sells Out

Oct 3
Some fans of slain Tejano star Selena have flooded social media with complaints after her new makeup products sold out on the first day of online sales.

3 Essential Tips for Cuticle Care

Oct 3
Fall has arrived, and that means cooler weather, and drier hands. Luckily, you can keep your hands and nails in-tact and looking healthy with these tips from grooming expert Skyy Hadley.

International London Tattoo Convention 2016

Sep 30
Thousands of tattoo fans descended on East London last weekend for the annual International London Tattoo Convention 2016.

Tom Ford on Jake Gyllenhaal: 'You Should See What's Down There'

Sep 28
Fashion designer and director Tom Ford is a big fan of Jake Gyllenhaal's chest and pubic hair, and really, who isn't?!

Study Says: Women Spend 18 Months of Their Lives Worrying About Their Skin

Sep 28
From wrinkles to spots and acne, the average woman worries about the appearance of their skin for 32 minutes every single day.

Men, Get Your Spa Products On!

By Scott Holland | Sep 18
An interesting fact s that men are the largest and fastest-growing demographic in this industry, spending $17.5 billion a year on skin care products. Here are a few we recommend.

Dumb-Ass Lists: 10 'Ragrettable' Tattoos

Sep 9
Here's some advice: If you're going to get a tattoo, you'd better, A) really love the design, and B) bring along a proofreader.

11 thru 20 of 1221 Stories