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A-List Tips for the Best Brows

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

With the advent of the metrosexual, it is just not enough for a man to roll out of bed, throw on a T-shirt and jeans and head out the door. The well-groomed man keeps his bathroom cabinets stocked with moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliators and even anti-aging creams.

"Keeping your hair and skin in tip-top condition is fundamental to looking good, and will help you stay looking younger for longer," says Natalie Plain, founder of Billion Dollar Brows, "It is commonplace for men to workout at the gym and keep their fitness up in order to stay in shape; taking care of the rest of you is merely an extension of that."

Hollywood's A-list men like Brad Bitt, Robert Pattinson and Jon Hamm are being noticed for more than just their acting chops these days. Perfectly plucked as well as big, bold and bushy, brows are coming into the spotlight. Men are spending more and more time refining their grooming habits, especially when it comes to maintaining their eyebrows. "Before it was all about the beard, all about the goatee, all about the mustache, but the game has changed," says Plain, "Ten years ago you wouldn't have seen a product targeting eyebrows, but now is the time of the eyebrow."

Natalie Plain’s Three No Fuss Rules for Bro-Brows

Rule 1: Keep it Natural
A man’s brows should look like they’ve been cleaned up without looking like they’re trying too hard. To achieve this, men only need a few simple tools - tweezers, scissors (used in moderation) and maybe a quick dash of brow gel to hold everything in place.

Rule 2: Symmetry
Whether you’re a man or a woman, the rules for where an eyebrow should start, arch and end are the same. The Brow Buddy will show men exactly where these spots are and help them achieve a symmetrical brow, without looking too coiffed.

Rule 3: Maintenance
Some men can get away with a brow shaping once every three months. Others need more frequent care, it really depends on how thick their brows are and how fast their hair grows. The most important thing is to avoid the dreaded unibrow.

Billion Dollar Brows’ flagship store can be found in Beverly Hills.


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