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Planning Your Best Events With Equilibrium Events Inc.

by Scott Holland
Saturday Jul 2, 2011

Equilibrium Events Inc. is a company that offers a complete range of upscale event design, décor, planning, and project management services. Discerning clients seeking to experience events that are truly one of a kind look exclusively to Equilibrium's team for expert advice and execution. The company understands the importance of creating events that are superior in quality and prides itself on treating each client as if he or she was the only one.

Equilibrium Events combines highly experienced management with sound business sense; possesses artistic and technical skills, as well as a thorough understanding of each client's needs. With an artist's passion for exploration, an architect's quest for precision, and a director's knack for execution, the final event space will create everlasting impressions. Equilibrium Events continually receives accolades from its devoted clientele, who return year after year for more of the company's talent, experience, and reliability.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Equilibrium Events' owner, Marc Silverstone, for an exclusive Hotspots interview.

When and how did you get into the event planning business?

About 17 years ago I was in New York and there was an opportunity in the office next to mine to do events for the Mayor's office. I started as a volunteer and it turned into a full-time job. After working for some of the largest event companies in the country (both profit and non-profit) I decided to open my own company.

What made you decide to get involved with the Equilibrium Group?

Actually, my business partner Voytek , and I created Equilibrium Group because we felt that there was a need for a complete lifestyle brand that incorporated the quality, consistency, and creativity that today's market demands. Under the growing Equilibrium Group umbrella is the company Voytek runs, Equilibrium Interiors, and the company I run, Equilibrium Events. Future Equilibrium Groups will be coming soon.

Is hiring Equilibrium Events only for the rich?

"As the country learns to except people and understand that love is just that love, we are there to make every girl and boy’s wedding fantasy come true."

Our goal at Equilibrium events is to create a concierge level of service while working within any budget. The way we keep cost effective is everything is done in house. Equilibrium is for EVERYONE.

What are the three most important things for a successful event?

The three things that I think are most important are: listening to my clients, working within their budgets, and offering the most creative and innovative designs possible.

What are the special services that you offer?

When it comes to creativity in today's marketplace, my events are second to none. I pride myself on offering cutting edge events that are filled with innovation and imagination. My goal is to build relationships with my clients so that they feel comfortable using my services for all of their event needs whether it's a dinner party for six, a wedding for 60, or a corporate gathering for 600.

You are now going to be starting a division of your company geared towards Gay Weddings. How did this come about and tell me your plans?

"As the country learns to except people and understand that love is just that love, we are there to make every girl and boy's wedding fantasy come true. My Passion is to create one of a kind experiences and through Equilibrium I am given that chance. Personally I believe in equality so I wanted to make available the same services to the LGBT community as I do for everyone else. My company is a proud partner of Save Dade and with their assistance are creating a one-of-a-kind LGBT wedding Expo in November. Our goal with the expo is to provide not only wedding planning services but also to assist couples in planning their future lives together, so financial resources, legal services, and other practical companies will have a presence.

For more information on Equilibrium Events go to or give them a call at 954-636-8257. If you mention Hotspots, you will get a FREE event planning consultation.

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