HomoTech :: Get Over Grindr and Check In to the Gayborhood 2.0

by Oscar Raymundo
Monday Jun 28, 2010

Admit it: you’re addicted to Grindr! I have to literally hold your free hand whenever we’re crossing the street ’cause your attention is deadlocked on your iPhone screen, like an iZombie. The guy was online 10 minutes ago, and he’s not coming back! Get over it.

And when you start using Grindr to try to find your friends at a crowded club ("According to this, Jimmy is just 25 feet away!"), you know you have a problem. I know it can get so addicting, like a personal pocketbook full of Guys with iPhones, but if Grindr taught us anything, it’s that all good things must come to an end (anything, as long as they come).

Grindr is so over, there’s even a straight version now, developed by sexually-frustrated heteros (don’t mess with them) upset that they had no similar app to facilitate location-based hook-ups. Their lame name? Urban Signals.

I know you’ll miss the subtle romance you got every minute of every day logging on to Grindr. Who wouldn’t fall for a faceless torso who comes on with the all-so-important question, "cut/uncut?" right from the get go? So here are some distractions: the new wave of mobile technology for the gayborhood.


Yelp meets Foursquare in this gay site, which was the first to dive into mobile "checking-in." But instead of checking into a guy’s pants (Grindr), you check-in to the swankiest bars, restaurants and hotels vying for your gay-tronage, making it easier to meet guys and plan a trip, or enjoy the town that you’re in.

West Fourth:

Sick of the one-night stand, this app will help you find Mr. Right around the block. No shirtless torsos. Not yet, anyway. Activity seems to be just picking up (a good time to check it out if you’re into early-adopters) but until then - I’ve had more friction in my jeans.

For being a new social media company, their promo video seems to be stuck in pre-2.0 matchmaking. Meeting at the pier? Really?!

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