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Senate Blocks NSA Phone Records Measure

By Ken Dilanian | Nov 19
The Senate on Tuesday blocked a bill to end bulk collection of American phone records by the National Security Agency, dealing a blow to President Barack Obama's primary proposal to rein in domestic surveillance.

Feds Say Web Privacy Firm Deceived Consumers

By Brandon Bailey | Nov 18
Federal regulators said a respected Internet privacy company gave its seal of approval to commercial websites and mobile apps but failed to check whether they were indeed meeting standards for safeguarding customers' data.

OkCupid Says OK to Trans, Genderqueer and 'Sapiosexuals'

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 18
The online dating site OkCupid has expanded its gender and sexuality users for users of its desktop site, and some of the options have users scratching their heads.

Jennifer Lawrence: Privacy Loss Takes Heavy Toll

By Jocelyn Noveck | Nov 17
Jennifer Lawrence says she knew being a movie star would bring with it a certain loss of privacy. What she didn't know, she says, was the deep emotional and even physical toll it would take.

Chilean Innovation: A 'Bike That Can't be Stolen'

By Luis Andres Henao | Nov 16
The "Yerka," a prototype designed by three young Chilean engineering students, is the latest entry in a recent trend of bikes that can be locked using some of their own parts.

AT&T Drops Smartphone Tracking Codes

By Jack Gillum | Nov 16
AT&T Mobility, the nation's second-largest cellular provider, says it's no longer attaching hidden Internet tracking codes to data transmitted from its users' smartphones.

Kia's 'Soulful' First Electric Car

By Ann M. Job | Nov 14
Finally, there is an all-electric car for people who thought they would never want one. The 2015 Kia Soul EV is a normal-looking Soul with a useful travel range of nearly 100 miles on a single charge, plus a stable ride and handling.

Drone Sightings Up Dramatically

By Joan Lowy | Nov 13
More than a million small drone aircraft have been sold in the past few years, and a growing number of them are turning up in the skies near airports and airliners, posing a risk of collision.

Obama Dives into Internet Regulation Debate

By Anne Flaherty | Nov 11
Obama is embracing a radical change in how the government treats Internet service, coming down on the side of consumer activists who fear slower download speeds and higher costs but angering Republicans and the nation's cable giants.

Q&A: What is 4chan and Where Did it Come From?

By Barbara Ortutay | Nov 11
4chan's roots date back to a pre-Facebook age of the Internet, where anonymity ruled and rules were few to come by. Hackers deposited nude celebrity photos on the site over the summer. It's also the birthplace of the hacker collective Anonymous.

11 thru 20 of 4000 Stories