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Review: Going Offline with Google Maps

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 31
It wasn't exactly painless; while I mostly got where I needed to go, it sometimes came at the cost of delays that had nothing to do with traffic. But being able to navigate with no cellular connection certainly beat getting lost because I had no signal.

Facebook Announces Stricter Policy on Firearms Sales

By Brandon Bailey | Jan 30
Facebook says it's cracking down on online gun sales, announcing Friday a new policy barring private individuals from advertising or selling firearms on the world's largest social network.

FDA OKs Merck Hepatitis C Drug, Adding to Patient Choices

By Linda A. Johnson | Jan 30
Patients with hepatitis C have yet another advanced treatment option, as the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new once-a-day pill developed by drugmaker Merck.

Spain Activists, Whistleblower Creating Digital Pay System

By Joseph Wilson | Jan 29
Herve Falciani and the Xnet group said their peer-to-peer payment system would work like PayPal on a local basis within European cities for citizen payments to participating businesses and governments.

GameStop, Insomniac Games Will Duet with 'Song of the Deep'

By Derrick J. Lang | Jan 29
GameStop is dipping a toe into the video game publishing business. The retailer is partnering with Insomniac Games to release and sell merchandise based on the studio's upcoming underwater-set adventure "Song of the Deep."

Chase Planning Rollout of Card-Free ATMs

By Ken Sweet | Jan 28
Soon, losing your ATM card won't be the financial life-stopping event it used to be. Just don't also lose your phone.

3 Tracks Planned to Test 'Hyperloop' Transportation Idea

By Justin Pritchard | Jan 28
Three Southern California companies are building separate test tracks to see how well the "hyperloop" transportation concept works in the real world.

Rihanna Releases New Album, 'ANTI,' on Jay Z's Tidal Service

Jan 28
Rihanna has released her much anticipated new album through Jay Z's Tidal streaming service, which she co-owns.

That's Not Grrrreat: Frustrated Furries Angry After Tony the Tiger Blocks Them on Twitter

Jan 28
A number of horny furries are voicing their frustrations with the sexy Frosted Flakes spokesanimal, Tony the Tiger, Gawker reports.

Apple's iPhone Success May Be Reaching Its Peak

By Brandon Bailey | Jan 25
Apple could soon face one of its biggest challenges to date: Peak iPhone.

11 thru 20 of 6810 Stories