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SpaceX Finds Source of Rocket Explosion, Plans New Launch

| Jan 6
SpaceX plans to resume flights as early as next week after finding the cause of an explosion that destroyed a rocket and satellite on a Florida launch pad in September.

New Wood Technology May Offer Hope for Struggling Timber

| By Gillian Flaccus and Phuong Le | Jan 4
D.R. Johnson Lumber Co. is one of two U.S. timber mills making a new wood product that's the buzz of the construction industry.

Cells Dripped Into the Brain Help Man Fight A Deadly Cancer

| By Marilynn Marchione | Jan 2
A man with deadly brain cancer that had spread to his spine saw his tumors shrink and, for a time, completely vanish after a novel treatment to help his immune system attack his disease - another first in this promising field.

Scholars Team Up to Dispel 400-Year-Old 'Fake News' About U.S.

| By William J. Kole | Dec 31
Fake news, quadricentennial edition: America's early settlers were all pious. The native people were savages. Freedom and liberty were available to all from Day One.

China Plans to Land Probes on Far Side of Moon, Mars by 2020

| By Louise Watt | Dec 29
China vowed Tuesday to speed up the development of its space industry as it set out its plans to become the first country to soft land a probe on the far side of the moon, by around 2018, and launch its first Mars probe by 2020.

5 Ways Museums Are Using Technology For New Experiences

| By Ula Ilnytzky | Dec 26
Museums are always looking for ways to make their exhibitions more exciting. Now, new technologies are making that easier.

Scientists Get Antimatter Excited, See First Light

| By Frank Jordans | Dec 21
Scientists have used a laser to tickle atoms of antimatter and make them shine, a key step toward answering one of the great riddles of the universe.

A Level Playing Field: Lab Adapts Toys for Disabled Children

| By Jason Dearen | Dec 20
Because of her cerebral palsy, 4-year-old Scarlett Wilgis has trouble opening her hands and can't get around without help. Her parents have scoured store shelves and websites for toys for her but have mostly been disappointed.

Britain OKs Making Babies from DNA of 3 People in Some Cases

| By Maria Cheng | Dec 18
Britain's fertility regulator has approved controversial techniques allowing doctors to create babies using DNA from three people - what it called a "historic" decision to help prevent a small number of children from inheriting potentially fatal diseases.

NASA Troubleshooting Drill Problem on Mars Curiosity Rover

| By Alicia Chang | Dec 16
Engineers are troubleshooting a snag on NASA's Curiosity that's preventing the rover from moving its robotic arm and driving to another spot on Mars, the space agency said Tuesday.

11 thru 20 of 1986 Stories