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Too Busy for Pokemon? These Entrepreneurs Will Play for You

By Ezra Kaplan | Jul 23
Too busy with your real life to play the hit augmented reality game "Pokemon Go"? For a price, some entrepreneurs will play the game for you.

How 'Pokemon Go' Went From Prank to Phenomenon

By Michael Liedtke | Jul 22
The origin of "Pokemon Go" is as peculiar as any of the Voltorbs or Snorlaxes that players track and capture in the surprise hit game.

Live-Action Pokemon Movie Is Coming

Jul 21
The movie studio Legendary Entertainment plans to launch the first live-action Pokemon movie franchise.

How Millennial Nostalgia Fueled the Success of 'Pokemon Go'

By Marina Villeneuve | Jul 21
The children who once dreamed of capturing real-life Pokemon starting in the 1990s are now the nostalgic millennials helping fuel the worldwide success of "Pokemon Go."

At Least 6 States Adopt Fantasy Sports Laws; 21 Others Don't

By Philip Marcelo | Jul 19
The daily fantasy sports industry notched some wins but failed to capture a majority of states after an all-out push this year to preserve its legality amid concerns the online games amount to illegal sports betting operations.

'Pokemon' No: Trying, But Failing to Get the Smartphone Game

By Todd Richmond | Jul 18
No one, it seems, can escape "Pokemon Go."

Pokemon Go Underscores Nintendo's Rich Characters, Vision

By Yuri Kageyama | Jul 18
Nintendo suffered as a latecomer to smartphone games but is seeing the deep wealth of its franchise characters pay off with the success of "Pokemon Go," even without a launch yet in Japan.

That Big Pub Crawl Downtown? It's Just 'Pokemon Go' Fans

By Brandon Bailey | Jul 16
If you thought it was bad dodging phone-fixated "Pokemon Go" players on the sidewalk, just wait: Legions of tipsy people could soon be chasing cartoon monsters from one tavern to the next in a series of pub crawls planned for cities across the U.S.

Hollywood Reacts to 'Pokemon Go' Craze

By Derrik J. Lang | Jul 16
"Pokemon Go" has caught the public's attention - and Hollywood is no exception.

'Pokemon Go' Players Arrested at Ohio Zoo

Jul 15
Police say two "Pokemon Go" players in Ohio have been arrested for criminal trespassing at the Toledo Zoo.

In Video Games, Spectating Is the New Advertising

By Derrik J. Lang | Jul 15
The rise of online audiences watching video gamers stream themselves playing isn't simply a new form of entertainment seen by millions. It's also driving video game sales, and drawing the attention of federal regulators.

Hunting Voters (to Register) in 'Pokemon Go'

Jul 14
A political group in swing-state Ohio is using the game "Pokemon Go" for a purpose beyond catching cute Pikachu: registering voters.

After New Game Release, Pokemon-Related Searches Explode on Porn Site

Jul 14
Porn streaming site Pornhub says its Pokemon-related searches have skyrocketed since Nintendo launched the new phone game Pokemon Go last week.

Thanks to Pokemon Go, PokeDicks Are a Thing

Jul 13
Some Pokemon Go players are using the popular game's augmented reality feature to send dick pics.

After Being Trolled By Pro-LGBT Pokemon GO Users, Westboro Baptist Church Fires Back

Jul 11
The Westboro Baptist Church are currently fighting off pro-LGBT Pokemon Go users who are taking over the anti-gay group's gym.

1 thru 10 of 371 Stories