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The Commandments, Restored

By Pier Angelo | Apr 26
"Christian" was once shorthand "trying to be a good person." Could it be again? This list of holy laws, taken right from the Bible and presented with learned commentary, is a place to start...

Gay Asian Christians Seek Greater Acceptance

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jun 22
Often invisible in their Christian churches, LGBT Asian Americans are increasingly speaking out in order to be seen and heard.

Family Acceptance Project Prevents LGBT Teen Suicide

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 20
The Family Acceptance Project has announced plans to launch the first family-focused program to prevent suicide and homelessness among LGBT youth and young adults.

’God vs. Gay?’ :: Jay Michaelson on The Questions People of Faith Should Be Asking

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 6
Religious scholar Jay Michaelson chats with EDGE about his book "God vs. Gay?," the Word of God, and the slow, but steady, progress that LGBTs are making even among some of the most virulently anti-gay faith traditions.

Methodists to Offer Marriage Celebrations to Same-Sex Families

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 21
Nearly a thousand United Methodists are ready to defy their denomination and offer marriage ceremonies to same-sex couples in the name of love and family parity.

Conn. Court: Breakaway Parish Can’t Keep Property

By Dave Collins | Oct 1
A 135-year-old parish that broke away from the Episcopal Church after it consecrated its first openly gay bishop cannot keep its building and land, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday.

Quakers Okay Full Marriage Equality

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 31
In the UK, the Quakers have stepped up to embrace the right of their GLBT faithful to have full marriage equality.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories