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Tumblr Brings Hipster Twist to Year-End Lists

NATIONAL | By Michael Liedtke | Dec 3
Tumblr is flaunting its hipster credentials with a first-ever breakdown of the year’s hottest trends, topics and celebrities, targeting specific communities, including the LGBT community.

New Survey: 1.5% of Britain is Gay or Bisexual

INTERNATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Oct 4
A new survey found that 1.5% of people from Britain say they are strictly gay or bisexual.

Gay Pride Banner Could Prompt South Louisiana Flag Limit

LOCAL | Jul 7
A south Louisiana official says he’s drafting a proposal to limit the types of flags that can be flown on government property after hearing complaints about a gay pride flag being hoisted temporarily in a local park.

New Campaign Helps LGBT New Yorkers Access Health Care

HEALTH | By Winnie McCroy | Jun 27
The LGBT Task Force of Health Care for All New York (HCFANY) launched a new campaign to help inform LGBT individuals about affordable health plans available through the New York State Health Benefit Exchange.

Brazil Lawmakers OK Bill For Treatment of Gays

A Brazilian congressional human rights committee on Thursday approved legislation that would allow psychologists to treat homosexuality as a disorder or pathology.

Albania Named ’Most Anti-Gay’ Country in Europe

INTERNATIONAL | By Sergio N. Candido | Mar 30
Despite having established anti-discrimination laws, Albania has been labeled Europe’s most hostile country for gays, according to a new survey.

D.C. Celebrates Female Heroes

LOCAL | By John Riley | Mar 25
As part of Women’s History Month, the Mayor’s Office of GLBT Affairs will honor five women who have made a significant contribution to the LGBT community.

Gayest Cities in the Bible Belt

By Chris Persaud | Mar 12
Dixie Land may not be known as a bastion LGBT-friendliness, but there are places in it where Southern Comfort does extend to gays.

Nazi-Era Sodomy Law Still Haunts Gay Germans

INTERNATIONAL | By Sergio N. Candido | Mar 11
Graying gays who were convicted on sodomy charges in West Germany during the first half of the 20th century under a Nazi-era law are asking for their records to be cleared before they die.

LGBT History Project: "Coming Out in Long Beach"

LOCAL | By Randy Hope | Feb 21
Everyone is invited to join in the celebration at the Historical Society of Long Beach.The exhibit is set to highlight the struggle for equal rights and the tremendous contributions of the LGBT community in Long Beach.

11 thru 20 of 115 Stories