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Google Provides Early Peek at Next Android Operating System

By Michael Liedtke | Mar 12
Google is previewing the next version of its Android operating system two months ahead of schedule in an effort to get the upgraded software on more mobile devices.

New Comedy Channel, Pledges More and Better Laughs

PERSONAL TECH | By Frazier Moore | Jan 5
Evan Shapiro thinks you deserve to laugh more. Wherever you are. With hot- and cold-streaming comedy from any screen in reach.

Google Helps Analyze if Rooftop Solar Panels Are Good Deal

SCIENCE | By Emery P. Dalesio | Jan 4
The company that lets you compare air fares and translate foreign languages online wants to make it easier to weigh the costs and benefits of installing solar panels on household rooftops.

Digital Rights Group Alleges Google Invades Student Privacy

A complaint alleges that Google rigged the "Chromebook" computers in a way that enables the company to collect information about students' Internet search requests and online video habits.

Google Searches Itself to Build More Productive Teams

CORPORATE | By Martha Mendoza and Michael Liedtke | Nov 21
Google coddles its employees with free food, massages and other lavish perks, yet some of its best engineers still grouse about their jobs and bosses as they struggle to get assignments done.

Google Founder Hopes Alphabet Spells Innovation

SCIENCE | By Michael Liedtke | Nov 6
Google founder Larry Page is hoping his newly created company called Alphabet becomes synonymous with innovation.

Google Unveils Top Search Trends for 2014

The 14th annual list of top trending searches is out, with the late Robin Williams coming in at number one.

Spanish News to Vanish from Google News Globally

PERSONAL TECH | By Alan Clendenning | Dec 12
Google News in Spain will shut down on Dec. 16 - several weeks before a new Spanish intellectual property law takes effect Jan. 1 requiring news publishers to be paid.

Backlash Forces Google to Ditch Anti-Gay Shooting Game, 'Ass Hunter'

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Nov 24
After a backlash over its virtually murderous, anti-gay app, Google has removed "Ass Hunter," a game from the Android store that advocates killing gay men for sport.

After Uproar, Google Exec To Sell Oregon Home

HOME | By Steven Dubois | Jun 30
A Google executive who had planned to tear down his historic Portland house has instead opted to sell it after outraged neighbors complained and 3,000 people signed an online petition urging him to preserve the 19th century home.

1 thru 10 of 88 Stories