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The Post-Orlando Gun Debate in the LGBT Community

NATIONAL | By Jill Gleeson | Aug 20
A resurgence in membership has reactivated Pink Pistols chapters around the country. At the same time, a new anti-gun group has emerged. But the two may not necessarily be in complete opposition.

Death of the Disco Dancers

DANCE | By Paul Parish | Jul 31
Forty-nine dancers were murdered last month in Orlando. Are they really dancers if they're not professional dancers? But of course they are.

Support Grows Among Americans for Stricter Gun Laws

LEGAL | By Lisa Marie Pane and Ryan J. Foley | Jul 26
Americans increasingly favor tougher gun laws by margins that have grown wider after a steady drumbeat of shootings in recent months, but they also are pessimistic that change will happen anytime soon.

LGBTs Debate Gun Laws

NEWS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jul 16
In the midst of ongoing gun violence, California officials are taking a look at the state's gun laws -- while LGBT firearms enthusiasts say additional legislation is unnecessary.

Gun Controlled: The LGBT Community Focuses on Firearms

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Jun 25
Speaking with The Guardian, Emmerich tried to defend against the massive criticism he endured for "Stonewall," which ignored the major role of LGBT people of color in the 1969 riots that birthed the modern LGBT rights movement.

Will Gunmaker Face Trial Over Sandy Hook Massacre?

A lawsuit blames the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the rifle used in the massacre, where more than 20 students and educators died.

Man Thwarts Possible Mass Shooting by Refusing Gun Sale

Twenty-five-year-old James Howard tried to buy a rifle last week, but the store owner refused to sell it to him.

Gun Maker Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Newtown Shooting

The families of nine children and adults killed at the Newtown school and a teacher who survived the attack say the AR-15 is a highly lethal military weapon that should not be sold to the public.

Americans Are Packing Classes on How to Survive a Shooting

CORPORATE | By Andrew Welsh-Huggins | Feb 2
Study your surroundings. Find exits. Identify makeshift weapons. Americans are gleaning those tips and others as they pack classes on how to react to and survive a shooting.

NRA's 'Bullets' Ad Targets Lawmakers, Draws Fire

CORPORATE | By Jonathan Lemire | Jan 7
Two state lawmakers behind a bill to control ammunition sales are condemning an image published by the National Rifle Association that shows their photos surrounded by bullets.

1 thru 10 of 27 Stories