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Phone Hacking Company Falls Victim to Hackers

Jan 16
Cellebrite, a digital forensics firm known for helping law enforcement crack into locked smartphones, has itself fallen victim to hackers.

Election System Susceptible to Rigging Despite Red Flags

By Michael Rubinkam and Frank Bajak | Dec 30
The prevalence of paperless digital voting machines magnifies other risks in the election system, such as the possibility that hackers might compromise the computers that tally votes, by making failures or attacks harder to catch.

Yahoo's Mega Breach Shows Just How Vulnerable Data Is

By Bree Fowler | Dec 19
The revelation of Yahoo's latest hack underscores what many Americans have known for years: All those emails, photos and other personal files stored online can easily be stolen, and there's little anyone can do about it.

Arkansas Sheriff's Office Hit by Ransomware Pays Hackers

Dec 15
An Arkansas sheriff's office paid hackers the equivalent of $2,400 to regain access to hijacked computer files.

San Francisco's Public Railway System Hit by Hackers

Nov 30
Some passengers on San Francisco's public railway enjoyed free rides during part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend after hackers infiltrated hundreds of its workers' computers and email accounts.

Microsoft: Windows Flaw Used by Hackers Linked to Russians

By Brandon Bailey | Nov 3
Microsoft says a newly discovered flaw in its Windows software was used by a hacking group that other researchers have linked to Russia's government and computer intrusions at the Democratic National Committee.

Hackers Apparently Fooled Clinton Official with Bogus Email

Nov 2
New evidence appears to show how hackers earlier this year stole more than 50,000 emails of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, an audacious electronic attack blamed on Russia's government.

Trump Denials Notwithstanding, Intelligence Officials Point to Russia in Democratic Hacks

By Deb Reichmann | Oct 21
Actually, the U.S. government says it does have an idea, and has concluded it was Russia who hacked into the Democratic National Committee

Hacks, Email Leaks Could Sway Election Weeks Away

By Jack Gillum | Sep 7
Whether it's newly disclosed Democratic Party emails or someone tampering with voting machines, this year's presidential election could come with hacking intrigue like none before it.

Homeland Security Investigating Leslie Jones Website Hack

Aug 25
Department of Homeland Security investigators said Thursday they are investigating the hack of Leslie Jones' website that revealed several private details of the actress-comedian's life.

1 thru 10 of 28 Stories