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Marines' Punishment Included Forced Masturbation to Gay Pornography

By Donyae Lewis | Dec 10
A trial is currently underway for two British Royal Marine corporals who are accused of administering hazing punishments that included being whipped and forced to strip and masturbate to gay pornography.

Honorably Discharged Veterans Will Soon Get to Shop Tax-Free

By Josh Funk | Jul 24
Starting later this year, all honorably discharged veterans, no matter their branch of service, will be eligible to shop tax-free online at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service with the same discounts they enjoyed on base while in the military.

House OKs Bill Making Nude Photo Sharing in Military A Crime

By Richard Lardner | May 27
The House has unanimously approved legislation that makes it a crime for U.S. service members to distribute intimate photos or videos of people without first getting their consent.

New Ads Show Marines As Good Citizens, Warriors

By Julie Watson | Mar 18
The Marine Corps is launching a new recruitment ad campaign meant to draw millennials by showing Marines as not only strong warriors but good citizens.

Navy Bribery Scandal Widens as More Sordid Details Emerge

By Elliot Spagat and Julie Watson | Mar 16
Officers in a burgeoning Navy bribery scandal called themselves the Lion King's Harem, the Wolfpack, the Cool Kids and the Brotherhood. They scouted for others who might also accept sex, trips and other lavish perks.

At $800K a Pop, New Navy Destroyer's Ammo is in Question

By David Sharp | Nov 14
The new guns on the Navy's biggest and most advanced destroyer are going to be firing blanks if the Navy can't find cost-effective projectiles.

$12.9B, 4.5 Acres: Navy's Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier

By Steve McMillan, Nathan Griffiths, and Steve Helber | Nov 13
The Navy refers to its newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, as "4.5 acres of sovereign U.S. territory."

California Guard: 'Bad Actors' Misled Soldiers over Bonuses

Oct 25
The California National Guard says it welcomes attention to the predicament of nearly 10,000 soldiers ordered to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military Members Refute Trump's Criticisms of Transgender Troops

By John Riley | Oct 11
Participating in a panel interview at the Retired American Warriors PAC, Trump was asked about the Obama administration's "social experiments" of allowing women and transgender individuals to serve in the military.

Military Tests Unmanned Ship Designed for Seafaring Missions

By Julie Watson | May 4
The military is starting tests on the world's largest unmanned surface vessel - a self-driving, 132-foot ship designed to travel thousands of miles out at sea without a single crew member on board.

1 thru 10 of 66 Stories