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Scents and Sensibility: Highlights from the Elements Showcase

By Matthew Wexler | Tuesday Feb 5, 2013
The Elements Showcase introduced the latest trends in the perfume industry ranging from classic floral notes from the Italian countryside to modern scents inspired by blood type.

Katy Perry’s New Smells

Wednesday Dec 5, 2012
Katy Perry is adding some new scents to her perfume line. The singer and songwriter is to develop a line of signature scents with beauty company Coty Inc.

Summer Edition of Elements Showcase Generates Record Sales

Friday Sep 14, 2012
Dubbed the "Art Basel of the fragrance world," Elements Showcase is a tradeshow with the ambiance of an art fair, dedicated to presenting the world’s best brands across all apothecary categories.

Late Summer Host/ess Gift Guide

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday Aug 22, 2012
If you’ve a friend fortunate enough to have secured a summer sanctuary and if you’re fortunate enough to have secured a weekend invitation, then at least have the decency to arrive with a host/ess gift - and without a list of demands.

Fragrance Finds: The Smell of Confidence

By Mark Thompson | Thursday Jul 26, 2012
What’s more sexy than confidence? You can smell it across the room, pulling you closer like a subliminal aphrodisiac. Confidence is knowing that fragrance is non-gendered - no matter what the marketers want you to believe.

Avon Taps Bon Jovi for New Unplugged Fragrances

By SAMANTHA CRITCHELL | Friday Jul 6, 2012
Jon Bon Jovi is going Unplugged in a bottle. Avon Products Inc. announced that the 50-year-old rock star is the company’s newest celebrity fragrance partner.

Misty Watercolor Summer Love: Fragrance Finds, Summer 2012

By Mark Thompson | Wednesday May 30, 2012
One of our first fragrance memories is the smell of lilacs in the spring. All of us recall moments when the beauty of fragrance has caused us to pay closer attention. This summer, let fragrance waft into the recesses of your memory.

Fifi Fragrance Awards Honor Tom Ford - and Bieber

Saturday May 26, 2012
Tom Ford Violet Blonde was picked as the women’s best luxury fragrance, and Gucci Guilty Pour Homme in the same category for men.

Celeb Fragrances Need Careful Management

By SAMANTHA CRITCHELL | Monday May 14, 2012
Madonna, at an event to celebrate Truth or Dare at Macy’s last month, said she thought long and hard about what her signature scent would be, ending with a floral formula that includes a note of tuberose, which is also prominent in the perfume Fracas.

Cologne 101: The Scents of It All

By Marcellas Reynolds | Thursday Apr 12, 2012
It’s spring and with the change of season comes the need to change that cologne or perfume.

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