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CA Includes LGBT History in School Curriculum

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Jul 23
California's public school children, beginning in the second grade, will now be taught the most LGBT-inclusive curriculum in the country due to revisions made by the state's Board of Education.

The History of LGBT Bookstores in the Castro

BOOKS | By Michael Flanagan | Jul 17
The closing of Books Inc. in the Castro last month and the opening of Dog Eared Books (489 Castro) where A Different Light once existed has gotten me thinking about bookstores and the literary world of San Francisco.

Hadrian & Antinous: Passion & Mystery

BOOKS | By Tavo Amador | Jun 26
Historical consensus rates Hadrian as one of the most accomplished Roman emperors. Curious? Here's where you can read all about him.

BARchive :: Gay Love in the Haight - A Fifty-Year Bar History

BARS | By Michael Flanagan | Jun 12
Bars have played a huge role in the rich tapestry of gay history. Here's an overview of oral (ahem!) accounts of the Haight's bar scene over half a century.

Matthew Shepard Opera to Receive World Premiere

MUSIC | By JW Arnold | Jun 5
A horrifying incident in LGBT history is the subject of a new opera by Fort Lauderdale composer Michael Ross.

'When We Rise' :: LGBT History Comes Alive in New ABC Series

TELEVISION | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 5
Scheduled to air early in 2017, the ABC miniseries "When We Rise" will chronicle the history of the LGBT equality movement from the Stonewall Riots in 1969 through to the present day.

As HIV Marks 35 Years, Leaders Reflect

NEWS | By Brian Bromberger | Jun 4
As the 35th anniversary of the first reported cases of what would become known as AIDS is observed June 5, the Bay Area Reporter interviewed three longtime HIV-positive men.

Before Stonewall There Was Cooper Donuts

NATIONAL | By Christiana Lilly | May 21
It was a torrent of doughnuts and coffee that kicked off the LGBT equal rights movement.

LGBT History of Arts 101 :: The Things They Missed

CULTURE | By David Rudenberg | Apr 23
We are positively blessed with the necessity, of reminding ourselves that our current batch of LGBT artists had predecessors -- iconic, influential LGBT artists that affected, mentored and paved the way.

The X-Y-Z of Being LGBT

CULTURE | By Lainey Millen | Apr 10
Being an LGBT individual can often be a challenging experience. And, in today's world, labels and explanations are rampant, even if one does not like being categorized by any number of them.

1 thru 10 of 98 Stories