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BARchive :: Keep On Rocking in the Queer World

By Michael Flanagan | Dec 25
Rock and roll was tied up in my concept of what San Francisco was even before I moved here, but when I first visited in 1978, punk and New Wave were the dominant forces.

Recalling 1986's AIDSphobic Prop 64

By Ken Yeager | Nov 20
Many people do not even realize that there was an initiative on the California ballot in 1986 that attacked the LGBTQ community.

BARchive :: All Yesterday's (Election) Parties

By Michael Flanagan | Nov 3
On election night in 208, as on many others, we were torn between joy for President Obama's election and anger over the rollback of our rights. And on that night, as on many others, the question was whether to protest, celebrate or both.

Who You Gonna Call?: Queer Ghost Hunters!

By Robin Gray | Oct 30
With Halloween almost here, what better time to check out a show about LGBTQ ghost hunters!

LGBT History Month: 'Straight to Hell' with Boyd McDonald

By Jesse Monteagudo | Oct 29
Boyd McDonald (1925-1993) was an eccentric recluse who changed gay life and gay literature with his collections of "true homosexual experiences."

LGBT History Month :: Tammy Smith and David Bowie

Oct 23
This week, we honor Tammy Smith, the first out lesbian General in the U.S. Army and David Bowie, one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century.

From 'Beach' to Memorial: Castro Site Evolves Over Decades

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 23
The corner of 18th and Castro streets - arguably the center of the gay universe - was known in the 1970s and 1980s as a sunny social spot for gay men who had escaped to San Francisco from other parts of the country.

LGBT History Month :: Josephine Baker and Terrance McNally

Oct 17
This week, we honor Josephine Baker, an African American entertainer who found fame in France. We also honor American Playwright Terrance McNally, who has written extensively about LGBT issues and has won top awards.

Previous to Stonewall: Early Actions in the LGBT Equality Fight

By Jeff Taylor | Oct 10
The following are just some of the sit-ins, protests and spontaneous acts of rebellion the happened before Stonewall and also stand as key moments where activists stood up and said enough is enough.

LGBT History Month :: Ellen Page and James Obergefell

Oct 9
We are kicking off the celebration by honoring actress and activist Ellen Page as well as marriage equality hero James Obergefell whose court case made it to the Supreme Court and paved the way for nationwide marriage equality.

1 thru 10 of 114 Stories