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Before Stonewall There Was Cooper Donuts

NATIONAL | By Christiana Lilly | May 21
It was a torrent of doughnuts and coffee that kicked off the LGBT equal rights movement.

LGBT History of Arts 101 :: The Things They Missed

CULTURE | By David Rudenberg | Apr 23
We are positively blessed with the necessity, of reminding ourselves that our current batch of LGBT artists had predecessors -- iconic, influential LGBT artists that affected, mentored and paved the way.

The X-Y-Z of Being LGBT

CULTURE | By Lainey Millen | Apr 10
Being an LGBT individual can often be a challenging experience. And, in today's world, labels and explanations are rampant, even if one does not like being categorized by any number of them.

Gay TV Series Will Film in SF Soon

TELEVISION | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Apr 10
San Francisco will soon see filming of the ABC-TV miniseries "When We Rise," based in part on the memoir of Harvey Milk confidante Cleve Jones.

Federal Recognition Sought for San Francisco LGBT Historic Sites

NATIONAL | By Matthew S. Bajko | Mar 27
Historic preservation officials are seeking federal recognition for four sites in the city that played a role in the history of San Francisco's LGBT community.

Black History Month Profiles: Alvin Ailey and Nell Carter

CULTURE | By Mike Halterman | Feb 7
Black History Month is observed every February to commemorate the important people and momentous events in African-American history. This week we profile Alvin Ailey and Nell Carter.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27: In Wake of Annihilation, LGBT Europeans Were Also Persecuted

During the Nazi regime, gays were subjected to a host of horrific acts which included court-ordered castration, torture, medical experimentation and murder. Those who were relegated to concentration camps were often singled out for sexual abuse.

The Story Behind Toy Drives in the LGBT Community

CULTURE | By Michael Flanagan | Dec 19
When did toy drives start? Were they a response to AIDS charities? How did the AIDS crisis affect them? Some of the answers are quite surprising. This is a brief summary of that history.

Stonewall Exhibit Showcases International AIDS Posters

FINE ARTS | By Michael d'Oliveira | Nov 28
It was a time of information and misinformation and acceptance and disownment that Chuck Ross, chief museum curator of the Stonewall National Museum & Archives, captures in the new exhibit.

San Francisco Set to Adopt LGBT Historic Statement

NATIONAL | By Matthew S. Bajko | Nov 1
Two years after a pair of local historians began researching San Francisco's queer past, their report documenting often overlooked chapters of the city's history is set to be adopted by city officials.

1 thru 10 of 91 Stories