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CO2 to Fish Food, Other Ideas Advance in $20M XPRIZE Contest

SCIENCE | By Mead Gruver | Oct 19
With dreams of turning carbon dioxide into everything from concrete to fish food, teams from six countries have advanced beyond the first phase of a $20 million XPRIZE contest to find profitable uses for CO2 emitted by power plants.

Galaxy Count May Now Top 2 Trillion Across Universe

SCIENCE | By Marcia Dunn | Oct 17
Thought the universe was crowded with 100 billion to 200 billion galaxies? Try 1 trillion or even 2 trillion galaxies and more.

Experts: Gun Research Hampered by Law

SCIENCE | By Lisa Marie Pane | Oct 16
It's the kind of information you might expect from long-range government research. Yet for the most part, such government research doesn't exist.

Why It Matters: Energy

SCIENCE | By Matthew Daly | Oct 15
Energy independence has been a goal of every president since Richard Nixon. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different ways to achieve it.

Researchers Work to Spread Prized Genes of Yellowstone Bison

SCIENCE | By Steve Karnowski | Oct 15
Researchers have transplanted embryos originating from the bison herd at Yellowstone National Park into female bison in Minnesota in hopes of increasing the genetic diversity of herds in the state.

3 Win Nobel Chemistry Prize for World's Tiniest Machines

SCIENCE | By Karl Ritter | Oct 8
Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday for developing the world's smallest machines, 1,000 times thinner than a human hair but with the potential to revolutionize computer and energy systems.

Species Likely Extinct After Rare Frog Dies in Atlanta

Authorities say a rare tree frog - the last known living member of the species in captivity - has died at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Researchers Sample Unusually Rich Deep-Sea Area off Hawaii

SCIENCE | By Caleb Jones | Oct 3
Federal researchers have just returned from an expedition to study the biodiversity and mechanisms of an unusually rich deep-sea ecosystem off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island.

Why Myopia Is on the Rise Around the World

A recent study predicted half the world's population will be nearsighted by 2050.

Baby Born with DNA from 3 People, First from New Technique

SCIENCE | By Malcolm Ritter | Oct 2
Scientists say the first baby has been born from a controversial new technique that combines DNA from three people - the mother, the father and an egg donor.

1 thru 10 of 166 Stories