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First Japanese Rocket with Commercial Payload Launched

SCIENCE | Nov 26
The first Japanese rocket with a commercial payload headed into space Tuesday in a bid by Japan to enter the market for international satellite launches.

New Book Explores the Custom of the Queue

SCIENCE | By Leanne Italie | Nov 7
David Andrews went in search of answers and unearthed a world of science, history and cultural norms about the often stressful, sometimes nonexistent and usually time-consuming act of waiting in line.

Eight Down, Four Months Left in Space for Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly has spent more time in space than any American.

UN Food Security Expert Warns About Impact of Climate Change

A U.N. expert is warning that more extreme weather, higher temperatures, floods, droughts and rising sea levels linked to climate change are threatening people's access to food over the long term.

Public Has Chance to Name New Moth Species

SCIENCE | By Astrid Galvan | Oct 20
An auction on eBay allows the public to make a different kind of purchase as they peruse the used clothing, electronics and war relics on the site. Up for sale: Naming rights to a new insect.

Treasure Trove of Late Triassic Fossils Discovered in Utah

SCIENCE | By Brady McCombs | Oct 19
Paleontologists have discovered a cliff-side in Utah brimming with fossils that offers a rare glimpse of desert life in western North America early in the age of dinosaurs.

Scientists: Major Coral Bleaching Crisis Spreads Worldwide

SCIENCE | By Seth Borenstein | Oct 12
Triggered by global warming and the El Nino, record hot ocean water is causing fragile coral to go white and often die, threatening picturesque reefs that are hotspots of marine life, experts say.

ZomBee Watch Helps Scientists Track Honeybee Killer

SCIENCE | By Michael Hill | Oct 11
Honeybees are being threatened by tiny flies that lead them to lurch and stagger around like zombies. The afflicted bees often make uncharacteristic night flights, sometimes buzzing around porch lights before dying.

Study: Tiny, Wireless Pacemaker Could Be Surgery-Free Option

HEALTH | By Maria Cheng | Aug 30
A tiny, wireless pacemaker could offer some heart patients a surgery-free alternative to the traditional devices, a new study says.

Scientists, Tribe Study Shrinking Washington State Glacier

SCIENCE | By Phuong Le | Aug 30
The shrinking glaciers here mirror what is happening around the U.S. and worldwide: As the planet warms, glaciers are losing volume, some faster than others.

1 thru 10 of 74 Stories