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Spread by Trade and Climate, Bugs Butcher America's Forests

SCIENCE | By Michael Casey and Patrick Whittle | Dec 9
Aided by global trade, warming climate and drought-weakened trees, tree-killing invaders have become one of the greatest threats to biodiversity in the United States.

Former Astronaut on the Realism of Nat Geo's "Mars"

Nat Geo's new miniseries "Mars" explores a fictional manned mission to the red planet in 2033. Former NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld, and the series' leading actress Jihae, joined CBSN's Josh Elliott to discuss how "Mars" blends fact and fiction.

Best Weather Satellite Ever Built Rockets into Space

SCIENCE | By Marcia Dunn | Nov 23
The most advanced weather satellite ever built rocketed into space Saturday night, part of an $11 billion effort to revolutionize forecasting and save lives.

Scientists Modify Plants, Making Them Use Sunlight Better

SCIENCE | By Seth Borenstein | Nov 22
Scientists have hacked a plant's genes to make it use sunlight more efficiently - a breakthrough that could eventually dramatically increase the amount of food grown.

California Prepares for Next Big Earthquake

SCIENCE | Nov 21
Scientists have discovered that two fault lines link together north of San Francisco, creating a new risk for the nearly seven million people living in the Bay Area.

Peggy Whitson, 56, Making History as Oldest Woman in Space

SCIENCE | Nov 18
Peggy Whitson, a pioneering NASA astronaut on board, is now the oldest woman in space. In February, the first woman to serve as commander of the space station will celebrate her 57th birthday aboard.

Toadstool Footstools: Are Organisms Manufacturing's Future?

SCIENCE | By Michael Hill | Nov 16
The sturdy stools and spongy cushions made at a factory in upstate New York are formed with fungus.

Prisons Fight Opioids with $1,000 Injection: Does It Work?

SCIENCE | By Carla K. Johnson | Nov 16
U.S. prisons are experimenting with a high-priced monthly injection that could help addicted inmates stay off opioids after they are released, but skeptics question its effectiveness.

Three Arthritis Pain Drugs Prove Equally Safe for the Heart

SCIENCE | By Marilynn Marchione | Nov 15
A new study gives some reassurance to arthritis sufferers who want pain relief but are worried about side effects.

Contaminated Tap Water is New Trouble for Hardscrabble Town

SCIENCE | By Mary Esch | Nov 14
In this chronically struggling city along the Hudson River, residents beset by poverty, high crime and boarded-up homes now have an entirely new worry - that their tap water may have exposed them to a chemical linked to cancer.

1 thru 10 of 185 Stories