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Kings of Leon Try to Regain Crown with New Album, "Walls"

MUSIC | Oct 19
Kings of Leon has won three Grammy Awards, including record of the year in 2010 for its hit song, "Use Somebody." Now, the group is back at the top of the charts

JoJo :: Owning Her World with 'Mad Love'

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Oct 16
If her current album, "Mad Love," is any indication of that determination and chutzpah, we are the benefit of all JoJo's hard-fought battles and this multi-talented singer/songwriter/actress's total commitment to her craft. JoJo chats about it all.

Out There :: October Playlist

MUSIC | By Roberto Friedman | Oct 15
Singer-songwriter Paul Simon says his latest album "Stranger to Stranger" (Concord) will be his last, and if so, it's the glittering capstone on a brilliant career.

Amazon Launches For-Pay Streaming Music Service

PERSONAL TECH | By Mae Anderson | Oct 13
Amazon is launching a paid streaming music service, the latest entry in an increasingly crowded field.

Tyler Glenn :: 'Excommunication' Looks A Lot Like Freedom

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Oct 8
Tyler Glenn's new album, "Excommunication," is like listening to the seven steps of the grieving process. It's all there, inviting us to take what we need from it and move forward, just as he did.

Gay Chorus Artistic Director Commissioned to Write Piece Honoring Slain Police Officers

MUSIC | By Lainey Millen | Oct 1
When Gerald Gurss was asked to compose a piece to honor the memory of Dallas, Texas slain police officers, he was tasked with a monumental responsibility.

Dolly Parton, 'Pure and Simple'

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Sep 25
A phenomenally successful artist and businesswoman -- and a woman still in awe, who continues to be enchanted by love and the simple, beautiful things that surround her. Dolly Parton brings all of that to this interview.

Shirley Manson :: 'Garbage' Lead Singer on Touring, Politics and 'Queer' Fans

MUSIC | By Jim Provenzano | Sep 17
Twenty years ago, the band whose single about "the queerest of the queer" hit the airwaves, and fans have raved over the unique alt-rock-pop style of Garbage, particularly for the strong, evocative vocals of lead singer Shirley Manson.

Pandora Takes on Spotify, Apple With New Streaming Services

Pandora will soon take on Spotify, Apple Music and others in an extremely competitive field with its own, $10 monthly streaming music service, and a cheaper version as well.

Bernadette Peters

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Sep 4
Bernadette Peters has been singing, acting, dancing and performing on stages since the tender age of three. In this interview, she reveals a bit more about what makes sweet Bernadette sing.

1 thru 10 of 219 Stories