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Dolly Parton, 'Pure and Simple'

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Sep 25
A phenomenally successful artist and businesswoman -- and a woman still in awe, who continues to be enchanted by love and the simple, beautiful things that surround her. Dolly Parton brings all of that to this interview.

Shirley Manson :: 'Garbage' Lead Singer on Touring, Politics and 'Queer' Fans

MUSIC | By Jim Provenzano | Sep 17
Twenty years ago, the band whose single about "the queerest of the queer" hit the airwaves, and fans have raved over the unique alt-rock-pop style of Garbage, particularly for the strong, evocative vocals of lead singer Shirley Manson.

Pandora Takes on Spotify, Apple With New Streaming Services

Pandora will soon take on Spotify, Apple Music and others in an extremely competitive field with its own, $10 monthly streaming music service, and a cheaper version as well.

Bernadette Peters

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | Sep 4
Bernadette Peters has been singing, acting, dancing and performing on stages since the tender age of three. In this interview, she reveals a bit more about what makes sweet Bernadette sing.

Somewhere Over the (Digital) Rainbow

MUSIC | By Andy Smith | Aug 28
Almost five decades after her early death, Judy Garland will make another potentially legendary comeback -- as the star of a 3-D hologram concert film featuring highlights from her 1960s TV variety hour.

Reward Your Ears: 5 Gadgets to Liven Up Your Music

PERSONAL TECH | By Ron Harris | Aug 27
Consider quality Bluetooth speakers, finely crafted headphones and even a portable turntable for vinyl on the go, if analog is your thing. Here's a look at some nice gear to consider.

Dar Williams Returns to 'Mortal City' with 20th Anniversary North American Tour

MUSIC | Aug 23
This fall, Dar Williams will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough album, "Mortal City," with a North American tour where Dar will be performing the album in its entirety for the first time.

Green Day's New Single Focuses on Mass Shooting Mentality

MUSIC | Aug 13
Green Day released a new single called "Bang Bang," told from the perspective of a mass shooter. Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy joined CBSN to discuss the controversial song.

Garbage's Shirley Manson on Being Pro-LGBT and Turning 50

MUSIC | By Doug Rule | Aug 3
"We believe very strongly that the LGBT community must be supported, must be protected and must be given their civil rights. It's something we feel really passionate about."

Going There :: Tom Goss Talks About 'What Doesn't Break'

MUSIC | By Kilian Melloy | Aug 2
With his new album "What Doesn't Break," Tom Goss adopts a more mature storytelling sensibility -- and a darker, more complex and layered sound. Goss chats with EDGE about opening up artistically more than he ever has before.

1 thru 10 of 213 Stories