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Somewhere Over the (Digital) Rainbow

MUSIC | By Andy Smith | Aug 28
Almost five decades after her early death, Judy Garland will make another potentially legendary comeback -- as the star of a 3-D hologram concert film featuring highlights from her 1960s TV variety hour.

Reward Your Ears: 5 Gadgets to Liven Up Your Music

PERSONAL TECH | By Ron Harris | Aug 27
Consider quality Bluetooth speakers, finely crafted headphones and even a portable turntable for vinyl on the go, if analog is your thing. Here's a look at some nice gear to consider.

Dar Williams Returns to 'Mortal City' with 20th Anniversary North American Tour

MUSIC | Aug 23
This fall, Dar Williams will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough album, "Mortal City," with a North American tour where Dar will be performing the album in its entirety for the first time.

Green Day's New Single Focuses on Mass Shooting Mentality

MUSIC | Aug 13
Green Day released a new single called "Bang Bang," told from the perspective of a mass shooter. Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy joined CBSN to discuss the controversial song.

Garbage's Shirley Manson on Being Pro-LGBT and Turning 50

MUSIC | By Doug Rule | Aug 3
"We believe very strongly that the LGBT community must be supported, must be protected and must be given their civil rights. It's something we feel really passionate about."

Going There :: Tom Goss Talks About 'What Doesn't Break'

MUSIC | By Kilian Melloy | Aug 2
With his new album "What Doesn't Break," Tom Goss adopts a more mature storytelling sensibility -- and a darker, more complex and layered sound. Goss chats with EDGE about opening up artistically more than he ever has before.

Interview with Classic DJ Sharon White

CULTURE | By Jim Provenzano | Jul 28
Known for her legendary beginning at the historic Saint parties in the famous and long-gone dome on Sixth Street in Manhattan, the 62-year-old DJ will be the featured guest at this Saturday's Flagging in the Park.

Zac Brown Band Wins Over Nashville and Beyond

MUSIC | Jul 23
In contemporary country music, there's no question the Zac Brown Band hit it big.

Give 'Em A Hand :: Cuban Gay Chorus Mano A Mano Completes U.S. Tour in P-Town

MUSIC | By Kilian Melloy | Jul 15
Cuba's only gay men's chorus (so far) bring their first U.S. tour to a close in Provincetown after wowing audiences coast to coast. Check them out at Town Hall -- or give a listen to them online.

New Museum Honors the Blues

MUSIC | Jul 13
A recent museum opening has some folks in St. Louis singing the blues - and they couldn't be any happier about it.

1 thru 10 of 211 Stories