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Court Gives Immigrants in AZ a Chance for Bail

NATIONAL | By Jacques Billeaud | Nov 15
Hundreds of immigrants who have been denied bail under a strict Arizona law will now have the opportunity to be released.

Arizona Joins Other States in Allowing Gay Unions

FAMILY | By Jacques Billeaud | Oct 18
Gay marriage became legal in Arizona on Friday, and same-sex couples lined up to marry at the courthouse in downtown Phoenix.

Federal Court Strikes Down Arizona Ban on Gay Marriage

NATIONAL | By Jacques Billeaud | Oct 17
A federal judge has struck down Arizona's ban on gay marriage and cleared the way for legally recognized same-sex unions in the state.

Teacher Fired for Defending 9-Year-Old Against Racist Bullies

An Arizona elementary school teacher with 24 years on the job was fired for defending an African American 9-year-old student who was being bullied by a group of students that used the n-word during their taunts.

Ariz. Man: Late Husband 'Would Have Loved to Have Been Here' for Legal Victory

FAMILY | By Jacques Billeaud | Sep 13
"George would have loved to have been here today," the late man's husband said, following an Arizona court victory for marriage equality.

Arizona Man Seeks Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage

NATIONAL | By Jacques Billeaud | Sep 12
A judge will hear arguments Friday over whether a same-sex marriage that took place in July is valid in Arizona.

Arizona Man Wins Fight for Death Benefits

NATIONAL | By Jacques Billeaud | Sep 12
A judge has handed a victory to a gay man who lost his spouse to cancer last month and was denied death benefits because Arizona does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Arizona Gay Couple Want Judge to OK Marriage

A gay couple from southern Arizona wants a federal judge to immediately order the state to recognize their marriage because one of the men is terminally ill.

C.L.I.T.T. Goes Viral, Local Residents Confused

NATIONAL | By Bobby McGuire | Jul 31
An internet hoax that reports on a Tuscon, Arizona mass transit project with the racy and unfortunate (for some) acronym C.L.I.T.T. caught the eye of social media maven George Takei, and has local area officials up in arms.

No Trial Planned in Arizona Same-Sex Marriage Case

Lawyers for Arizona and a group of gay and lesbian couples who sued over the state’s ban on same-sex marriage want a judge to decide the case without a trial.

1 thru 10 of 112 Stories