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One Million Moms: Kohl's Needs to Stop Advertising on that 'Wicked Show'

By Bobby McGuire | Dec 9
If at first you don't succeed, bitch, bitch again. This is the apparent watch cry of the self appointed harridans of media morality - One Million Moms. The target in OMM's sites? ABC's late primetime serial drama "How to Get Away with Murder.

Out Soccer Hunk Robbie Rogers Inspires New ABC Comedy

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 16
Out soccer player, and overall hunk, Robbie Rogers is apparently the inspiration for a new ABC comedy it was reported Wednesday.

Christian Activists: Children Better Off Orphans Than With Gay Parents

By EDGE | Apr 21
The religious right’s love affair with the anti-gay policies of Russian President Vladmir Putin continued Sunday on the weekly edition of ABC’s "This Week" when a panel of mostly conservative commentators supported the ban on gay adoption in Russia.

Dawn Ennis is Don Again

By EDGE | Aug 6
Several months after ABC News assignment editor Don Ennis very publicly came out as transgender in May, the ten year veteran of the newsroom has apparently had a change of heart, owning the experience to a bout of "transient global amnesia."

Jennifer Lopez Goes Off-Camera For New TV Drama

Jun 4
Jennifer Lopez isn’t on screen for the debut of her new TV series, but she will be on Twitter.

ABC Family OKs J.Lo’s Lesbian Family TV Pilot

Aug 24
ABC Family says it green-lighted a series pilot from Jennifer Lopez’s production company about a lesbian couple and their diverse family.

’GCB’ Gets Bitch-Slapped By Conservatives

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 12
ABC’s new hit show "GCB" has been slammed by conservatives for its betrayal of Christians. Some groups and politicians are even asking viewers to boycott the program.

ABC’s "One Life to Live" airs groundbreaking gay sex scene

Jan 3
The popular day time soap opera ’One Life to Live’ has made television history. The show-which airs on ABC-aired the "first-ever gay sex scene on daytime television."

Gay Rage as GLAAD Lets ABC Off the Hook

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 4
GLAAD’s statements on ABC’s cancellation of appearances by Adam Lambert have only angered the GLBT community.

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