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10 Foods to Avoid to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

If you want your health to improve and to feel better every day in the morning, you may need to start eliminating certain troublesome ingredients from your diet.

Gourmet Ganja? Marijuana Dining is Growing Up, Slowly

FOOD/DRINK | By Kristen Wyatt | Oct 15
Chefs are working with marijuana growers to chart the still-very-unscientific world of pairing food and weed.

British Tea is Booming in China, the Drink's Birthplace

CORPORATE | By Leonora Beck | Sep 9
For three centuries, countries in Asia and Africa have been quenching Britons' thirst for tea, supplying dried leaves worth millions of pounds every year. Now, that trend is showing some signs of reversing.

Campbell 'Fresh' Push Falters on Puny Carrots, Drink Recall

CORPORATE | By Candice Choi | Sep 4
Campbell Soup's push to become a bigger player in the fresh foods market has been crimped by puny carrots and possibly spoiled protein drinks.

How Morley Safer Convinced Americans to Drink More Wine

HEALTH | Sep 1
In this classic 60 Minutes story, Morley Safer asked why the French can eat butter and pâté and not suffer high levels of heart disease.

Farmers Seek Tax Credit for Donations to Food Pantries

FINANCE | By David Klepper | Aug 23
Each year New York farmers give millions of pounds of apples, squash, corn or other agricultural products to the state's food banks. Now they're looking to get some credit for those good deeds - a tax credit.

Ice Cream's Hottest Trends and Inventive Flavors

After cookies, ice cream is the best-selling treat in America.

Hostess Launches "Deep Fried Twinkies" as First Frozen Treat

CORPORATE | By Anne D'Innocenzio | Aug 14
The cream-filled snack in vanilla or chocolate is the result of a yearlong collaboration between Hostess and Wal-Mart, as both companies look to spark food sales with innovative products.

Alaska Restaurant Serving Elk Fined for Calling It Reindeer

This might be an only-in-Alaska problem: A restaurant in Fairbanks that has told customers since 2013 it was serving reindeer tenderloin was actually giving them elk.

Ohio University to Get North American's First Pizza ATM

Customers will be able to use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizzas, which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a cardboard box and ejected through a slot.

1 thru 10 of 483 Stories