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Valentine Warning: Milk Allergy? Beware of Dark Chocolate

FOOD/DRINK | By Mary Clare Jalonick | Feb 14
Does your sweetheart have a milk allergy? You may want to hold off on a dark chocolate Valentine.

Hershey Takes on Fast-Growing Nutella

FOOD/DRINK | By Candic Choi | Jan 22
Americans apparently like smearing their foods with chocolatey spreads. The Hershey Co. announced last week that it was introducing a line of chocolate spreads, including a hazelnut variety reminiscent of Nutella.

Vienna’s Chocolate Spa

You just returned to the Hotel Sacher from a day of strolling through Vienna’s beautiful historic city center and are not only intellectually satisfied, but most likely exhausted. ??Now it’s "Time to Chocolate."

Bespoke Christmas Chocolate Pop-Up Shop in London

This festive season Corinthia Hotel London will host luxury chocolatier Damian Allsop’s unique CH2OCOLATE creations in a Christmas pop-up shop.

Heart-Shaped French Fine Chocolate: It Doesn’t Get More Romantic

The oldest known Valentine was a love poem written by the French Duke of Orleans, when he was a prisoner of Henry V, to his wife. Among the list of items associated with romance are: most things French, and chocolate.

Sweet and Sexy Confections at Martine’s Chocolates

FOOD/DRINK | By A. Sebastian Fortino | Feb 1
Since 1992, Martine’s Chocolates has been a staple on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at Bloomingdale’s, when Martine Leventer presented a new concept in the making of sweets, heralding the "open kitchen concept."

Dark, Milk, or White: A Holiday Chocolate Guide

FOOD/DRINK | By Matthew Wexler | Dec 20
Ditch that dry Panettone this holiday season and instead indulge in something that will melt in your mouth. EDGE recently tasted our way through the 14th Annual Chocolate Show in New York City and unearthed the sweetest confections for you.

Seven Pieces of Heaven: The Ultimate Chocolate Collection

Refinery29 has partnered with NYC-based Chocolate Bar to bring you seven not-so-little pieces of pure heaven: our favorite chocolate bar flavors maybe ever.

New York’s Chocolate Purveyor Xocolatti Launches Website

Xocolatti is truly a family affair. 23-year old Shaineal Shah’s mother Mona is not only his business partner, but an invaluable creative force behind the brand.

Chocolate Purveyor Xocolatti Opens in New York’s SoHo

Xocolatti, the standout star of the 2010 Chocolate Show, announced the opening of their inaugural shop in the heart of Soho. Two years ago, Shaineal Shah, the 23-year-old visionary behind the brand, launched a highly successful online presence.

1 thru 10 of 19 Stories