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Youth Film Highlights Homelessness

MOVIES | By Lainey Millen | Aug 21
Sherry Kelley, a film producer from California, had the opportunity to speak to the television and video production class at Methodist University about her documentary project, "A Place Called Home."

Epic Clash Over Amazon Is A Gripping Real-Life Drama

MOVIES | By Frank Bajak | Aug 17
The Peruvian documentary "When Two Worlds Collide" tells with gripping immediacy the real-life Shakespearean tragedy of the Baguazo, a story that isn't over yet.

Daniel Radcliffe on New "Imperium" Role, Fame and Future

MOVIES | Aug 16
In his latest movie, "Imperium," Daniel Radcliffe plays an FBI agent who goes undercover to join a white supremacist group plotting a race war.

Delta's Edited Version of 'Carol' Has No Same-Sex Kissing

MOVIES | By Rhuaridh Marr | Aug 14
Delta is the latest subject of the internet's collective rage, after it was revealed that the airline is showing lesbian drama "Carol" with all of the kissing scenes removed.

Undaunted by Hack, Rogen & Goldberg Throw A 'Sausage Party'

MOVIES | By Jake Coyle | Aug 12
In the crudely funny but not crudely animated R-rated comedy "Sausage Party," Rogen and Goldberg are again pushing the limits of today's risk-adverse Hollywood - and Sony is still backing them.

Disney's Movie Hits Overshadow Lackluster TV Results

CORPORATE | By Mae Anderson | Aug 12
In a call with analysts, CEO Bob Iger said that traditional cable packages known as "multichannel bundles" are most profitable for Disney. But he acknowledged that new digital-video options offer consumers choice and variety.

Queerly Digital: Remembering F.W. Murnau

MOVIES | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jul 24
Unknown at the time but fairly common knowledge now is the fact that F.W. Murnau was a gay man. His death in a 1931 car accident was said to have been caused by an act of fellatio he was giving to his young driver.

Trans and Pregnant: 'A Womb of Their Own' Offers Insight

MOVIES | By Sari Staver | Jul 22
How do people react when they meet someone with a full beard, large breasts, and a pregnant belly? High school teacher Rae Goodman answers this and other questions in the new documentary "A Womb of Their Own."

'Star Trek Beyond' Gracefully Finds Orbit Amid Tragedy

MOVIES | By Lindsey Bahr | Jul 20
When the "Star Trek Beyond" cast and filmmakers gathered in Los Angeles last month for Anton Yelchin's funeral, they had a decision to make.

'Looking: The Movie' Picks Up Where the TV Series Left Off

For fans of HBO's breakthrough series "Looking," news of the show's impending end stung like a breakup. Now comes the balm of a TV movie to wrap it all up.

1 thru 10 of 181 Stories