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Remembering "Bambi" Artist Tyrus Wong

Jan 14
The work of artist Tyrus Wong, who died last month at age 106, has proven to be immortal, having created artwork hat determined the look of Walt Disney's animated classic, "Bambi."

Nonconformist Beats the Odds

By David Lamble | Jan 14
It not unfair to observe that "20th Century Women," with its growing tide of awards-season buzz for its star Annette Bening, arrives as the second half of a matched set of movies.

Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Announce Film and TV Dorian Award Nominations

Jan 13
Noms for LGBTQ-focused films included "20th Century Women" and "The Lobster"; on the television side, "Black Mirror," "The People v. O.J.," "London Spy" and "Looking: The Movie" got some love. Here's the full list of nominations.

'Passengers' :: Understanding the Journey

By Joel Martens | Jan 8
Would you take an interstellar journey if you had the chance? How about if that trip entailed leaving behind everything you've ever known, during a 120-year flight in a hibernation pod to an uninhabited, new world?

Movie Awards 2016 :: Is Hollywood Finally Embracing Diversity?

By Chris Carpenter | Jan 7
Filmmakers and studio chiefs have been under tremendous, public pressure this past year to make more movies that incorporate racial, gender and sexual diversity. And indeed, things improved in 2016, as this article shows.

Best Films of 2016 (Part 2)

By David Lamble | Dec 31
This second part of our Best Films list is dedicated to the rebels, the misfits, the semi-permanently disgruntled if not entirely mad souls who will be both freshly relevant in the new year and quaking with targets on their foreheads.

A German Comedy is the International Sensation of 2016

By Jake Coyle | Dec 28
"Make sure they know to play it loud," the filmmaker Maren Ade advises ahead of a screening of her film, "Toni Erdmann."

Movie Bears :: Going 'Rogue One'

By Brad Harris | Dec 25
Let's get something out of the way upfront: "Rogue One" isn't the "Star Wars" you're used to. From the opening beats to a finale full of heroic feats, the film works to set itself apart from what's come before while still paying homage to it.

Secrets Behind the Dazzling Dances of 'La La Land'

By Sandy Cohen | Dec 24
Creating that show-stopping (or starting) number and the celestial routines Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone perform in "La La Land" wasn't Moore's only role in the dreamy musical. She also spent months personally teaching the stars to dance.

Profile of 'Lion' Star Nicole Kidman

Dec 24
Actress Nicole Kidman has demonstrated her ability to command just about any kind of role, including in her latest film, "Lion," as the mother of an adopted child who goes in search of his birth mother.

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