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Lesbians More Likely to Divorce Than Gay Men

By Colton Wooten | Oct 25
Same-sex divorces are skewed towards women, a new report reveals.

LGBTQ Divorce in Marriage Equality

By Maria Dominguez | Jul 23
Divorce between any couple is one of the most painful transitions confronted in a lifetime; but with LGBTQ couples, this process can be particularly challenging.

'Now I Can Get Married... What Happens If I Get Divorced?'

By Philip M. Snyder | Apr 18
As a South Florida family law attorney, I am encountering more and more individuals (straight and gay) who enter into marriage completely naïve about the financial ramifications of a divorce. Here's brief primer.

Florida AG Bondi Opposes Gay Couple's Divorce

Oct 23
Attorney General Pam Bondi is opposing a bid by a gay South Florida woman to obtain a divorce from her former partner.

Divorce Law Out of Synch With Same-Sex Marriage

By Leanne Italie | Sep 30
Some same-sex couples are trapped in a state of bitter, desperate "wedlock," an emerging antithesis to same-sex marriage victories for those who want to divorce but can't find a way around legal snarls that prevent it.

ACLU Wants to File Brief in Same-Sex Divorce Case

Sep 25
The American Civil Liberties Union wants to file a brief in support of a woman who wants the state of Mississippi to recognize her same-sex marriage in order to grant a divorce.

Same-Sex Tennessee Couple Lose Bid for Divorce

Aug 12
An East Tennessee judge has declined to recognize the Iowa marriage of two men in his courtroom for a divorce.

Same-Sex Divorce Allowed 1 in Kansas County

Jun 16
Same-sex couples who marry in other states won’t find many places in Kansas to divorce if the relationship fails.

Nebraska Court Dismisses Same-Sex Divorce Appeal

Jun 14
Nebraska’s Supreme Court dismissed an appeal Friday by woman legally wed to another woman in Iowa who is now seeking a divorce in the state where they live.

Texas Blocked From Intervening in Gay Divorce Case

May 15
A San Antonio judge has blocked the state’s effort to halt a divorce and child custody case involving a same-sex couple.

1 thru 10 of 24 Stories