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Book Explores America's Obsession with Junk

BOOKS | Apr 5
There are more than two dozen reality TV shows starring junk.

Charles Duhigg Reveals Secrets of Being Productive

BOOKS | Mar 23
The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter discusses why he believes it takes more than technology and to-do lists to be productive.

Of Private Eyes and Prevarications :: Marshall Thornton on 'The Lies That Bind'

BOOKS | By Kilian Melloy | Mar 12
Marshall Thornton is the author of a mystery series featuring the hottest gay gumshoe in 1980s Chicago. In Book Eight of the "Boystown" mysteries, Nick Nowak is working up a sweat on the job and everywhere else! The author fills us in.

Convicted Killer's Story of Redemption After Prison

BOOKS | Mar 10
Shaka Senghor is a college lecturer and MIT consultant

Joel Grey's Life in the Limelight

CELEBRITIES | By Richard Dodds | Mar 5
In his memoir, Joel Grey not only reviews the strange trajectory of his career from child performer to Tony- and Oscar-winning actor, but his concurrent personal life with its emotional rollercoasters.

Author Explores Rising Power of Single Women

In the new book, "All the Single Ladies," Rebecca Traister examines the rising influence and independence of unmarried women.

It's A Love Story, After All :: Michael McConnell and Jack Baker and Their 'Wedding Heard 'Round the World'

BOOKS | By Joel Martens | Feb 29
Theirs is a beautiful love story, fit for admission amongst history's great classics: A tall tale filled with an enduring hunger for truth, long battles, great challenges and crushing setbacks.

Reported Serial Killer Book Removed from Amazon Amid Outrage

A book reportedly written by a Canadian serial killer was removed Monday from Amazon's website a day after being put on sale online following protests by British Columbia authorities.

Gay Trump Erotica Novel Scores Big

BOOKS | By Hunter Houston | Feb 21
A 22-year-old Los Angeles comedian wants to make America sexy again and he's off to a good start.

Joel Grey, Now Unburdened and Emboldened, Tells His Story

CELEBRITIES | By Mark Kennedy | Feb 20
Grey, who loved men and women, tentatively calls himself a "closeted bisexual" but language comes up short: "I never really thought that any of the names were exactly right for me," he said.

1 thru 10 of 119 Stories