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Out There: Return to the Transgressive 1980s

BOOKS | By Roberto Friedman | Jul 16
Blend together a sudden pandemic of a potentially fatal STD, a reactionary federal government impervious to our plight, the ACT UP movement and other gay responses, and you have the ingredients for a true cultural moment.

Book Sparks Interest in 'Real World's Pedro Zamora

NEWS | By Brian Bromberger | Jul 10
A new book has rekindled interest in Pedro Zamora, the young star of MTV's "Real World" who died in 1994 of AIDS-related complications.

Ex-Facebook Employee's Account of Life in Silicon Valley

BOOKS | Jun 30
Antonio Garcia Martinez knows the culture of Silicon Valley well. He left Wall Street and sold his own startup to Twitter before joining Facebook's advertising team. He later got fired. In his new book, "Chaos Monkeys," he provides an unvarnished account.

'Boystown,' Season 5 :: Jake Biondi Picks Up Where He Left Off

BOOKS | Jun 26
Author Jake Biondi recently released his fifth "Boystown" book. The wait is finally over and you can find out what happened to your favorite "Boystown" characters, whose lives were hanging in the balance at the end of the fourth book.

Hadrian & Antinous: Passion & Mystery

BOOKS | By Tavo Amador | Jun 26
Historical consensus rates Hadrian as one of the most accomplished Roman emperors. Curious? Here's where you can read all about him.

New Wally Lamb Novel to Come Out First As An App

Wally Lamb's new novel, "I'll Take You There," will come out in paper this November. But first it will be released as an app.

Glam on Cam

BOOKS | By Jim Gladstone | May 22
"When I was a child, I was the gayest little boy in the world," recalled the London-bred, Los Angeles-based photographer Magnus Hastings. Now 42, the self-trained photographer has a blossoming career as the world's foremost drag portraitist.

Book Explores America's Obsession with Junk

BOOKS | Apr 5
There are more than two dozen reality TV shows starring junk.

Charles Duhigg Reveals Secrets of Being Productive

BOOKS | Mar 23
The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter discusses why he believes it takes more than technology and to-do lists to be productive.

Of Private Eyes and Prevarications :: Marshall Thornton on 'The Lies That Bind'

BOOKS | By Kilian Melloy | Mar 12
Marshall Thornton is the author of a mystery series featuring the hottest gay gumshoe in 1980s Chicago. In Book Eight of the "Boystown" mysteries, Nick Nowak is working up a sweat on the job and everywhere else! The author fills us in.

1 thru 10 of 126 Stories