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Bill to Shield Retired Miners Divides Coal-State Republicans

FINANCE | By Matthew Daly | Sep 9
The bill would ensure that retired miners receive hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits now at risk amid the industry's steep decline. Without congressional intervention, some of the funds could run out of cash.

Texas Republicans Promise to Pass Anti-LGBT Laws Next Year

POLITICS | By John Riley | Aug 15
What most people have seemed to take away from the recent fight over North Carolina's HB 2 is that the fallout from the controversial anti-LGBT law has caused the state much grief. Not anti-LGBT Texas lawmakers, though.

Pence's Problematic Politics

POLITICS | By John Riley | Aug 3
It's hard to imagine LGBT conservatives supporting Mike Pence as Trump's pick for vice president. But they do.

U.N. Ambassador: Fight For LGBTI Rights Feels Schizophrenic

NATIONAL | By John McDonald | Jul 21
U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power addressed a United Nations conference on the integration of LGBTI rights into foreign policy last week in Uruguay.

Undecided Ohio Voters Share Frustrations as RNC Begins

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running neck-and-neck in the battleground state of Ohio.

House Republicans Offering Proposals for Health Care Changes

LEGAL | By Erica Werner | Jun 23
House Republicans are unveiling new proposals to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's health care law, as Speaker Paul Ryan seeks to showcase a GOP governing agenda amid the tumult of the presidential campaign.

Ex-Romney adviser: Widening Poll Gaps, Divisive Rhetoric Bad Way to Unify GOP

Are Republican leaders trying to figure out a way to dump the presumptive nominee at the convention?

Former Sponsors Distance Themselves from GOP Convention

Donald Trump's rhetoric has won millions of votes, but it may be scaring away sponsors from next month's Republican convention in Cleveland.

Polls Show Clinton and Trump Locked In A Dead Heat

Nearly half of voters say they want to consider a third-party option in November.

Can A Third-Party Candidate Derail Donald Trump?

The Washington Post has reported that GOP leaders are in a desperate search of a third-party candidate to oust Donald Trump from the nomination.

1 thru 10 of 182 Stories