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Australians Support Legalizing Marriage Equality in Survey

Australians Support Legalizing Marriage Equality in Survey

By Rod McGuirk | Nov 14
Australians have said they support gay marriage in a postal survey that ensures the Parliament considers a bill to legalize same-sex weddings this year.

Lesbians More Likely to Divorce Than Gay Men

Lesbians More Likely to Divorce Than Gay Men

By Colton Wooten | Oct 25
Same-sex divorces are skewed towards women, a new report reveals.

Same-Sex Couple Has the 'Nuclear Family'

Same-Sex Couple Has the 'Nuclear Family'

By Maria Dominguez | Oct 9
To see a living representation of LGBTQ progress, look no further than a cute, comfy home nestled in the trees of suburban south Charlotte, N.C. There live the Brock-Boone clan, whose lives have illustrated shifting time, attitudes and laws.

LGBTQ Divorce in Marriage Equality

By Maria Dominguez | Jul 23
Divorce between any couple is one of the most painful transitions confronted in a lifetime; but with LGBTQ couples, this process can be particularly challenging.

What to Expect When You Are An LGBTQ Couple Expecting to Adopt

By Penelope L. Hefner | Jul 22
You have decided to pursue adoption - congratulations! The road to adoption can be lengthy, but here's what you can expect from a general standpoint.

Something New: How Same-Sex Couples Are Rewriting the Script on Marriage

By Rick Karlin | Jun 7
In the short time since same-sex marriage became legal throughout the U.S., wedding trends among LGBT couples have changed dramatically.

S.C. Judge Rules Lesbian Couple Had Common Law Marriage for Decades

By Maria Dominguez | Apr 1
After the end of a relationship that lasted almost 40 years, Debra Parks, 62, sued to have her rights recognized by the court. According to Family Court Judge Thomas White, Parks had a common law marriage with her partner.

After Anti-LGBT Legislation Enacted, SF Bans Travel to South Dakota

By Matthew S. Bajko | Mar 18
San Francisco this week banned its employees from using taxpayer money to travel to South Dakota now that lawmakers in the Mount Rushmore State have become the first to enact anti-LGBT legislation in 2017.

Six Creative Date Night Tips

Aug 21
The couples who play together stay together! Gay relationships these days involve more than just having fun under the sheets, so date night is key to maintaining that spark and increasing excitement in and out of the bedroom.

Lesbian Visitor Murdered in Austin

By Heather Cassell | Aug 7
This was the happiest time in Teqnika Moultrie's life, but it was tragically cut short early Sunday morning in Austin, Texas.

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