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'Gay Purge' Survivor Speaks Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 22
A victim of the alleged "gay purge" in Chechnya has come forward. Maxim Lapunov led a press conference on Monday in Moscow to speak about the arrest, violent interrogation and torture he faced while in the Russian republic.

NY Attorney Raises $250,000 To Help Gay Men Flee Chechnya

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 18
For Fred Erick, a gay man in New York, the life threatening crisis facing gay men in Chechnya was personal.

Survivor: Chechen Parents Told to Kill Their Gay and Bisexual Children

By Brittany Ferrendi | May 6
"They tell parents to kill their child," the man told FRANCE 24, choosing to remain anonymous in fear of his safety. "They say, 'Either you do it or we will.' They call it, 'Cleaning your honor with blood.' "

SF Protest Targets Chechnya

By David Nahmod | Apr 22
A group of about 50 LGBT activists gathered outside the Russian Consulate in San Francisco Tuesday, demanding that the Chechen Republic end its abuse of gay people there.

Homophobic NOM Launches International Anti-Gay Group

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 17
Anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has created a group to make their homophobia go global.

Anti-Gay Oklahoma Pol Sally Kern Kills Her Own LGBT Youth-Harming Bill

Feb 7
Oklahoma GOP State Rep. Sally Kern's career, studded with anti-gay episodes, draws many colorful descriptions, but here's a label the virulently homophobic politician doesn't want: Someone whose policies increase teen abortions.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27: In Wake of Annihilation, LGBT Europeans Were Also Persecuted

Jan 23
During the Nazi regime, gays were subjected to a host of horrific acts which included court-ordered castration, torture, medical experimentation and murder. Those who were relegated to concentration camps were often singled out for sexual abuse.

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively Won't Be Called 'Anti-Gay'

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 17
What do you call someone who writes a book claiming that the Nazi party was founded in a gay bar then brags about influencing foreign governments to adopt laws criminalizing homosexuality?

Brazil Panel Delivers Report on Regime Brutality Targeting Minorities, Gays, Others

Dec 10
After 30 years of impunity for crimes of the state, the National Truth Commission report names 377 people allegedly responsible for 434 deaths and disappearances, and thousands of acts of torture.

IGLHRC Brings You The Truth About Uganda and LGBT Strife Around The Globe

Aug 16
IGLHRC's presence on the ground in Uganda and its delivery of the facts behind LGBT headlines worldwide have been constant and reliable as it approaches its 25th anniversary.

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