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AGs: Pelvic Mesh Implants Caused Dire Complications

PERSONAL TECH | By Gene Johnson | May 26
Dawna Hankins was scheduled to have a partial hysterectomy in 2008 when her doctor suggested implanting a vaginal mesh device at the same time to deal with minor incontinence.

Special Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries Shows Promise

SCIENCE | May 24
A group of patients with the most severe spinal cord injuries have seen improvement after undergoing an experimental treatment that uses stem cells in the damaged areas

What's Next in Fighting Cancer with Polio Virus?

SCIENCE | May 17
The FDA granted a new brain cancer treatment that uses the polio virus with "breakthrough status."

When Zika Hits, a Push for Birth Control and Abortion?

SCIENCE | By Mike Stobbe | May 15
There's little doubt: Zika is coming to the continental United States, bringing frightening birth defects - and, most likely, newly urgent discussions about abortion and contraception.

Still Many Questions About Zika's Threat to Pregnant Women

SCIENCE | By Lauren Neergaard | Apr 20
Zika may stand convicted of causing devastating birth defects but there still are lots of questions about how much of a threat the virus poses to pregnant women, and what to do about it.

Study Backs Pancreas Cell Transplants for Severe Diabetes

SCIENCE | By Lauran Neergaard | Apr 19
Transplants of insulin-producing pancreas cells are a long hoped-for treatment for diabetes - and a new study shows they can protect the most seriously ill patients from a life-threatening complication of the disease.

Napster Co-Founder Bankrolls Project to Speed Cancer Work

SCIENCE | By Linda A. Johnson | Apr 15
A project to speed development of cancer-fighting drugs that harness the immune system has academic and drug industry researchers collaborating and sharing their findings like never before.

Maine: New England's 1st 'Right to Try' Experimental Drugs

Maine is the first state in New England to give dying patients the right to use experimental drugs.

FDA Moves to Ban Most Powdered Surgical Gloves

SCIENCE | By Matthew Perrone | Mar 22
Federal health officials are moving to ban most surgical gloves made with powder, a feature designed to make them easier to wear, but which actually poses health risks to patients.

Anthem Slaps Lawsuit on Express Scripts Over Drug Pricing

Blue Cross-Blue Shield health insurer Anthem is suing pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts over prescription drug prices.

1 thru 10 of 61 Stories