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Holy Smoke! Vatican to Stop Selling Cigarettes in Its Shops

By Nicole Winfield | Nov 12
The Vatican announced Thursday that it would no longer sell cigarettes to employees in its duty free shop and supermarket - giving up an estimated 10 million euros ($11 million) a year in profit.

Vatican Commits to Slavery-Proofing Its Own Supply Chains

By Nicole Winfield | Jan 19
The Vatican says it will ensure that its supply chains don't use forced labor after a forum of some of the world's biggest supermarket chains and food manufacturers announced new efforts to slave-proof their own supply chains.

Demoted Cardinal to Deny Pro-LGBT Lawmakers Communion

By EDGE | Nov 17
A hard-line U.S. cardinal says he will deny Holy Communion to any Catholic lawmaker who voted for same-sex marriage.

Vatican Alters Draft Report Translation About Gays

Oct 16
The contentious debate over the Vatican's ground-breaking overture to gays has taken a new twist.

Vatican Mystery: Where Did Gay Welcome Originate?

By Nicole Winfield | Oct 16
Just where did the authors of a draft report come up with such ground-breaking language that gays had gifts to offer the church and that even homosexual partnerships had merit?

Author of Vatican Gay Report Eyes Improvement

By Nicole Winfield | Oct 15
The main author of a contentious Vatican draft report on welcoming gays and divorced people into the church defended the document Wednesday but acknowledged problems and said there was ample room for improvement.

Vatican: Many Catholics Ignore Teachings on Sex

By Nicole Winfield | Jun 26
The Vatican admitted Thursday that most Catholics around the world reject its teachings about sex and contraception as an intrusion into their private lives, and are ignorant of other core doctrines about marriage, divorce and homosexuality.

Vatican Official Against Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

Mar 4
A Vatican cardinal has criticized Uganda’s anti-gay law and called for the repeal of its severe penalties.

Vatican Hits Back at UN Committee for Abuse Report

By Nicole Windfield | Feb 7
The Vatican struck back Friday at a U.N. human rights committee that issued a scathing report on sex abuse by priests, accusing it of straying beyond its mandate.

UN Committee Blasts Vatican on Sex Abuse, Abortion

By Nicole Windfield | Feb 5
The Vatican "systematically" adopted policies that allowed priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children over decades, a U.N. human rights committee said, urging it to open its files on pedophiles and bishops who concealed their crimes.

1 thru 10 of 36 Stories