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Au Bon Pain Apologizes for Blocking LGBT Sites, Blames Wi-Fi Provider

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 16
Officials from Au Bon Pain took to the fast-casual chain’s Tumblr Wednesday to apologize for blocking its Wi-Fi users from accessing pro-choice and LGBT sites, like EDGE.

Au Bon Pain Blocks EDGE, Other LGBT News Content on Free WiFi

By EDGE | Jan 15
If you’re looking to catch up with the latest news from EDGE on your laptop while enjoying a croissant and hearty corn chowder, you may want to bypass national eatery Au Bon Pain.

AT&T expands Wi-Fi zones in public spaces

By Peter Svensson | Dec 29
AT&T Inc. is expanding Wi-Fi access for its subscribers in New York and introducing it in San Francisco, adding data capacity in two cities with heavy wireless network use from the iPhone and other devices.

Wi-Fi for travelers becomes Web marketing lure

By Peter Svensson | Nov 11
Google, Yahoo, eBay and Microsoft, competitors on the Web, all have the same idea for marketing themselves this holiday season: temporarily providing free Wi-Fi access in airports, airplanes and public places.

New Wi-Fi technology to let gadgets talk directly

By Jessica Mintz | Oct 15
Starting in mid-2010, new versions of gadgets like cameras, cell phones and computers will be able to talk to each other using Wi-Fi without needing to connect to a wireless network first.

1 thru 5 of 5 Stories