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Sex Fit Gadget Tracks "Ins and Outs" of Your Sexual Stamina

By Winnie McCroy | Aug 29
In the vein (pun intended) of fitness tracker gadgets like FitBit and Jawbone comes SexFit, a vibrating cock ring made by the UK-based company Bondara that increases pleasure while tracking thrusts per minute and calories burned.

Review: First Peek Through Google Glasses Impresses

By Michael Liedtke | Aug 8
Google hopes to change the face of technology by persuading people to wear computers on their heads. That’s the inspiration behind Google Glass, a spectacle-like device that contains a hidden computer, a thumbnail-size transparent display screen above th

A HeadStand for Your Desk

Nov 20
"We couldn’t find a nice headphone stand on the market, so we created one on our own" said Erich Huang, Co-founder of Just Mobile. "Just like Xtand for the iPhone stand, we believe HeadStand will create headphone stand as a new product category."

ShaveTech Transforms Electric Shavers

Nov 1
A new standard in shaving offers a sleek, lightweight design that gives users a convenient USB charging option that will save them not only space but also the aggravation of finding a free electrical outlet.

Hot and Sassy Summer Gift Guide

By Jason Salzenstein | Jul 21
While it’s not yet the holidays, summer brings plenty of gift-giving opportunities. If you’ve found yourself struggling to come up with that perfect gift, don’t sweat it! EDGE Style has you covered - with some super sexy gift suggestions.

Gay Geek :: Tempting Tech Toys

By David Andrusia | May 21
CNET too technical? We feel your pain. To save you the dork-drama, the EDGE tech team has sifted through the season’s hottest new tech toys, to bring you the scoop on what’s hot... and what’s definitely not. Plus, we’ll tell you why these gadgets and gizmos will make your life easier and better than ever before. Read more...

New Wi-Fi technology to let gadgets talk directly

By Jessica Mintz | Oct 15
Starting in mid-2010, new versions of gadgets like cameras, cell phones and computers will be able to talk to each other using Wi-Fi without needing to connect to a wireless network first.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories