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'Weekend Warriors' Still See Health Payoff

Jan 15
A new study finds people who squeeze all their recommended exercise into weekends see major health benefits.

Testing Wearable Sensors as 'Check Engine' Light for Health

By Lauran Neergaard | Jan 15
A next step for smart watches and fitness trackers? Wearable gadgets gave a Stanford University professor an early warning that he was getting sick before he ever felt any symptoms of Lyme disease.

A Fitter, Healthier 2017: Just Do It!

By Tom Bonanti | Jan 8
This time of the calendar year every publication does it -- they post a list of New Year's resolutions that should be implemented into your life. Well, here are mine, from a fitness trainer's point of view.

Does Legal Marijuana Impact the Way Teens View Pot Risks?

Jan 8
Teenagers' attitudes about marijuana are changing at the same time that more states are making the drug legal.

'Telomere Effect': How Exercise, Diet and Sleep Affect Aging

Jan 8
A new book explains the science of aging. "The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer" claims that putting research findings into everyday practice "can help reduce chronic disease and improve wellbeing."

Researchers Discover New Human Organ

Jan 7
Researchers say they have discovered an organ called "mesentery" that is part of our digestive system -- and it's been hiding in plain sight for centuries.

From Gene Editing to Devices, Medical Advances to Watch for in 2017

Jan 6
The New Year will likely bring significant medical developments that could impact our health.

Risks of Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids

Jan 4
A Consumer Reports survey reveals people may be taking over-the-counter sleep aids too often. Eighteen percent of sleep aid users took them on a daily basis.

How Drug Companies Engineer Huge Price Hikes

Jan 2
Americans will continue to feel the pain of high prescription drug prices in 2017, with costs projected to jump 12 percent next year. Here's how pharmaceutical companies push through price hikes.

A Look At 'Broken Heart' Syndrome

Dec 30
Many believe it was no coincidence that Debbie Reynolds died the day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher. Medical experts say "broken heart syndrome" is real.

1 thru 10 of 824 Stories