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GameStop, Insomniac Games Will Duet with 'Song of the Deep'

VIDEO GAMES | By Derrick J. Lang | Jan 29
GameStop is dipping a toe into the video game publishing business. The retailer is partnering with Insomniac Games to release and sell merchandise based on the studio's upcoming underwater-set adventure "Song of the Deep."

'Deus Ex,' Dishonored 2' Among Anticipated Games Due in 2016

VIDEO GAMES | By Derrik J. Lang | Jan 15
If the video games set to be unleashed this year are any indication, this will be a year of interactive exploration.

Players Take Video Game Skills to Field

PERSONAL TECH | By Paul Newberry | Dec 31
Many college athletes spend their spare time playing video games, booting up everything from Halo - the science-fiction, first-person shooter preferred by Mayfield - to the always-popular Madden NFL.

North Korea's Newest Fad: "Boy General" Mobile Phone Game

VIDEO GAMES | By Eric Talmadge | Dec 13
The Associated Press recently got a sneak peek at "Boy General," the North's hottest new game release, a spinoff of a new TV animation series that is both beautifully produced and genuinely fun to watch.

Review: 'Far Cry Primal': 5 Ways the Stone Age-Set Game is Different

VIDEO GAMES | By Derrick J. Lang | Dec 7
What's a "Far Cry" game without machine guns and off-road vehicles? That would be "Far Cry Primal," a Stone Age-set edition of the action series that features wooden spears and wooly mammoths.

From Fake Guitars to Collectible Toys, Gifts for Any Gamer

PERSONAL TECH | By Lou Kesten | Nov 24
Video-game players aren't that difficult to shop for. Let's face it: It's an expensive hobby, and most gamers have something on their list that they've set aside in the hopes that Santa might deliver.

Worlds Collide for Creators of 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Game

VIDEO GAMES | By Derrik J. Lang | Nov 20
The developers of "Star Wars: Battlefront" got off to a rocky start when building a level based on the upcoming blockbuster "The Force Awakens."

Game Review: 'Call of Duty' Cyber War Still Gets Bloody

VIDEO GAMES | By Lou Kesten | Nov 15
It's 2065, and while most of the fighting is done by drones and robots, there's still a role for cybernetically modified humans on the battlefield.

'Assassin's Creed' Calls on Historian for London Edition

VIDEO GAMES | By Derrik J. Lang | Oct 25
Judith Flanders has never played video games, so no one was more surprised than the historian herself when she was approached by the developers of the "Assassin's Creed" franchise.

Review: Activision's 'Guitar Hero' Reboot Kicks Out the Jams

VIDEO GAMES | By Lou Kesten | Oct 24
I've been to dozens of rock concerts, and there are a few things I've always wondered: What's it like to perform in front of a stadium full of adoring fans? "Guitar Hero Live" tries to answer those questions.

1 thru 10 of 66 Stories