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Reform Program for Shoplifters Faces Legal Fight

LEGAL | Jun 13
Corrective Education Company uses what's called "restorative justice" instead of jail to teach shoplifters to reform.

Israel Says Con Men Stole Millions from Global Companies

FINANCE | By Daniel Estrin and Erika Kinetz | Jun 10
Eight immigrants from Europe formed an unlikely team that allegedly conspired to dupe major multinational companies out of millions of dollars.

Did Judge Let Ex-Stanford Swimmer Off Easy with Sex Assault Sentence?

CRIME | Jun 8
A northern California judge faces outrage over a former college swimmer's six-month sentence.

The Science of Blood Spatter

Forensic scientist Karen Green demonstrates potential causes of blood spatter.

Credit Card Scammers Now at the Checkout Line

For as long as people have been putting money in wallets, pickpockets have been stealing them.

Texas Police Say Criminals Often Using Imitation Weapons

LEGAL | By David Warren | May 25
Police in Texas say more crimes are being committed with imitation weapons like BB guns, likely because they're cheap and easy to obtain.

Could GPS "Bullet" Prevent High-Speed Police Chases?

SCIENCE | May 20
Nearly every day on average, someone is reportedly killed in a high-speed police chase.

California Ballot Measure Blamed for Shoplifting Jump

LEGAL | By Don Thompson | May 19
Perry Lutz says his struggle to survive as a small businessman became a lot harder after California voters reduced theft penalties 1½ years ago.

48-Year Fugitive Fights to Remain Out of Prison

CRIME | May 17
After escaping from a Georgia prison in 1968, Robert Stackowitz hid out in a quiet Connecticut town.

SF Woman Denies Threat, Hate Crime Claims

CRIME | By Seth Hemmelgarn | May 8
A San Francisco woman has been accused of threatening to kill two drag performers outside a gay South of Market nightclub while wielding a knife and yelling anti-gay and anti-trans slurs.

11 thru 20 of 91 Stories