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Arkansas Judge Denies Sex with Men Who Appeared in His Court

Dec 18
An Arkansas judge denied allegations that he had inappropriate sexual relationships with men who appeared in his court in a written filing to the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission.

Lesbian Lawyer Announces Candidacy for Circuit Court Judge

By John McDonald | Aug 2
"I bring leadership skills, experience in the courtroom, and a belief in treating all people fairly," Krauss a room of supporters at a recent "meet and greet."

Did Anti-Gay Bias Play a Role in Guilty Verdict?

By Jason Parsley | Apr 2
In a trial that had nothing to do with sexual orientation, that issue suddenly became the focus after an alternate juror accused another juror of anti-gay bias against Mario Careaga, who was convicted last week of a DUI manslaughter.

Critics: Will Supreme Court’s Catholic Majority Bring Faith to Rulings?

By Maryclaire Dale | Oct 21
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito voiced frustration Tuesday over what he called persistent questions about the court’s Roman Catholic majority.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories