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Bay Area Marks Pulse Anniversary

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 10
Events are planned around the Bay Area to honor the 49 people Omar Mateen fatally shot and the 53 people he wounded after he entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida June 12, 2016 and opened fire.

#OrlandoStrong: Conflict Within and Without

By Bill Allen | Jul 10
As we bury the dead and grieve over our slain brothers and sisters, we must not forget the real issue: This was a hate crime against the LGBT community. Period.

Suspected Seattle Arsonist:: "Homosexuals Should Be Exterminated"

By EDGE | Feb 16
Documents filed in King County Superior Court say that suspected arsonist Musab Masmari, 30, told a friend who is a member of the local Muslim community that "homosexuals should be exterminated." The friend-turned-informant contacted the FBI.

North Carolina Gay Couple Burned Out of Home

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 9
A gay couple in North Carlina lost their home in what authorities have deemed a suspicious fire. The men had been harassed and threatened for a year prior to the blaze.

LGBT Synagogue Targeted by Yemen Bomb Plotters

By Kilian Melloy | Nov 1
One of the Chicago American synagogues targeted in the printer cartridge bomb attempt is a tiny Jewish congregation made up mostly of GLBTs.

American Settler in Israel Accused of Hate Crimes, Bombings

By Kilian Melloy | Nov 2
An American-born Israeli settler described by authorities as "unstable" has confessed to a multitude of bombings and hate crimes, including some he did not commit.

1 thru 6 of 6 Stories