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Arkansas GOP, Having Embraced Term Limits, is Now Conflicted

POLITICS | By Andrew DeMillo | Feb 6
Arkansas was among the first states to embrace the term limits movement. But now that Republicans have turned the state red, things have gotten... complicated.

Kansas Lawmaker Says sharing Facebook Post 'In Bad Taste'

PERSONAL TECH | By John Hanna | Jan 10
A Kansas legislator said Thursday that he regrets sharing a post on Facebook that mocked Hispanics who speak accented English to make a derogatory comment about President Barack Obama.

Can New Hampshire Turn Chris Christie's Campaign Around?

A CBS News battleground tracker poll in that state finds New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's support has doubled in the past month.

Peggy Noonan on Trump's "Form of Blackmail," GOP's Struggle

Trump is strategically reminding the Republican party about his lead and how he is resonating with anxious Americans.

Donald Trump May Reconsider Third-Party Presidential Bid

A CBS News/New York Times poll shows 35 percent of Republican primary voters nationwide support Donald Trump.

Ryan: Short-Term Spending Bill Needed to Prevent Shutdown

FINANCE | By Andrew Taylor | Dec 9
The House will pass a short-term bill to prevent the government from shutting down this weekend, Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday.

GOP Response to Obama on ISIS Heavy on Criticism, Light on Alternatives

POLITICS | By Steve Peoples | Dec 8
the fundamental political reality: Few in the Republican Party's 2016 class would break significantly with the Democratic president's approach to combating the Islamic State group.

Ryan Talks Mental Health Bill, Gun Access After San Bernardino Shooting

House Speaker Paul Ryan makes his first major address on Thursday to describe what he sees as the biggest challenges facing the country.

President Obama: Republicans' Climate Change Denial is "Unique"

Citing the environmental work of past Republican leaders Obama said the party's staunch opposition to his climate change efforts today are "ironic."

Marco Rubio on San Bernardino attack, gun rights

The senate voted Wednesday night to repeal much of Obamacare, but it failed to pass new gun control measures.

1 thru 10 of 170 Stories