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Miami Music-thon For Puerto Rico @ SCORE :: September 29, 2017

Miami Music-thon For Puerto Rico @ SCORE :: September 29, 2017

Oct 2
SCORE held a Miami Music-thon to help raise funds for the people of Puerto Rico who are suffering after the devastating hurricane. It was hosted by Athena Dion and her Lab Rats, along with MC Alan T.

Puerto Rico Adventures by Day and Night

By Jill Gleeson | Apr 26
Puerto Rico is chock-full of non-nocturnal adventures so epic and singular that you're not only going to want to rest up for them, you won't even mind putting that Latin lothario on ice for a couple evenings.

Slumber Party: Puerto Rico's Wyndham Grand Rio Mar

By Jill Gleeson | Apr 16
Sand, surf and seriously sexy fun await in the Caribbean sun at Puerto Rico's Wyndham Grand Rio Mar.

Escape the Cold: Puerto Rico!

Escape the Cold: Puerto Rico!

Dec 19
Are you ready to escape the cold? Head to Puerto Rico, the All Star Island!

Q&A: Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Explained

By Ken Sweet | May 3
Puerto Rico's debt crisis has reached a new level, with the island's governor saying Puerto Rico will not pay most of its $470 million in debt payments due by Monday.

Puerto Rico Pushes Tax Incentives for Wealthy Amid Crisis

By Danica Coto | Feb 13
Puerto Rico's government is trying to convince hundreds of wealthy investors to move to the U.S. territory, hoping they could help lift it out of a deepening economic crisis.

Puerto Rico Drops Defense of Same-Sex Marriage Ban

By Justin Snow | Mar 29
The government of Puerto Rico announced March 20 it will no longer defend the U.S. territory's ban on same-sex marriage.

Easy Breezy: A Puerto Rico Beach Getaway

By Kristi Eaton | Feb 25
Sometimes you just need a quick trip to the beach. For American without a passport, Puerto Rico offers all the comforts of domestic travel along with Caribbean beaches and Latin culture.

Appeal Sought in Puerto Rico Gay Marriage Case

By Danica Coto | Oct 23
A federal court judge has rejected an attempt to end a ban on same-sex marriages in Puerto Rico, saying political order itself depends on traditional marriage and deriding the logic of courts that have overturned such bans.

Judge Upholds Puerto Rico's Gay Marriage Ban

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 22
A federal judge upheld Puerto Rico's ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday even though a number of federal judges around the U.S. found states' gay marriage bans unconstitutional.

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