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Bank of America Fined for Refusing Lesbian Couple Loan

By Jason St. Amand | Jan 7
Bank of America settled a discrimination claim filed by a Florida lesbian couple who were denied a loan because they were an unmarried same-sex couple.

Say goodbye to traditional free checking

By Pallavi Gogoi | Oct 20
The days when you could walk into a bank branch and open an account with no charges and no strings attached appear to be over. Now you have to jump through some hoops - keep a high balance, use direct deposit or swipe your debit card several times a month.

Lifting of pay restraints to ease BofA CEO search

By Sara Lepro | Dec 3
Bank of America Corp. has been having a tough time finding a new CEO willing to accept the restrictions that came as a condition of bailout funds. But recruitment is sure to be easier now that the bank plans to pay back its $45 billion in aid in just a few days to free itself from government oversight and pay restraints.

World markets buoyed by Bank of America move

By Pan Pylas | Dec 3
World stock markets rose Thursday, with Japan’s Nikkei up around 4 percent, after Bank of America Corp. said it will repay $45 billion of government bailout money and as investors prepared for a crucial policy statement from the European Central Bank.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories