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Film Portrays Costs of South Korean Craze for Top Schools

MOVIES | By Youkyung Lee | Oct 12
"Reach for the SKY" follows three students and a teacher working for a test-prep company before and after South Korea's college entrance exam.

Pope's Small Car Fascinates South Koreans

INTERNATIONAL | By YoukYung Lee | Aug 14
Pope Francis' choice of wheels during his five-day South Korean visit has surprised many in this painfully self-conscious country, where big-shots rarely hit the streets in anything but expensive luxury cars.

S Korea Sex Change Doc: I Correct ’God’s Mistakes’

INTERNATIONAL | By Hyung-Jim Kim and Jung-Yoon Choi | Apr 1
As Dr. Kim Seok-Kwun begins surgery to create a functioning penis for a Buddhist monk who was born female, he is well aware of the unease his work creates in this deeply conservative country.

Koreas Trade Fire; Island Residents In Shelters

INTERNATIONAL | By Hyung-Jim Kim and Jung-Yoon Choi | Mar 31
North and South Korea fired artillery shells into each other’s waters Monday, a flare-up of animosity between the rivals that forced residents of five front-line South Korean islands to evacuate to shelters, South Korean officials said.

South Korea: "Gangnam Style" Wedding Industry

By Elizabeth Shim | Aug 13
The 20-something Beijing lawyers and fans of South Korean pop idol Rain are part of a small but growing number of affluent Chinese for whom the craze for all things South Korean means flying to Seoul for the weekend to have wedding pictures taken.

A Glimpse Into North Korean Daily Life

By JEAN H. LEE | Aug 4
Everywhere I look, communist North Korea is a world both foreign and familiar to my Korean-American eyes, a place where the men wear Mao suits and children tote Mickey Mouse backpacks.

Haute Korean Moves Into NYC’s Chanterelle Space

Tucked away in the side streets of Apgujeong lies a cozy little restaurant that produces sci-fi Korean cuisine. The Seoul-based restaurant has made a name for itself with unusual combinations of flavors and high-end ingredients.

SKorea targets Internet addicts; 2 million hooked

PERSONAL TECH | By Sangwon Yoon | Apr 23
Two million people in South Korea are classified as "Internet Addicts." One couple let their infant starve while they reared a virtual child in an online game.

Hackers steal SKorean-US military secrets

SCIENCE | By Kwang-Tae Kim | Dec 18
South Korea’s military said Friday it was investigating a hacking attack that netted secret defense plans with the United States and may have been carried out by North Korea.

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories