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Trump to Embrace Privatization of Air Traffic Control System

By Ken Thomas | Jun 7
President Donald Trump plans to lay out his vision for overhauling the nation's air traffic control system on Monday, outlining his goals to privatize the system in a White House speech.

Wing Cracks Delay Dreamliner Aircraft Production

By Scott Mayerowitz | Mar 9
Hairline cracks have been discovered in the wings of some 787s that are being built. The Chicago-based manufacturer said none of the 122 jets already flown by airlines around the world are affected.

Planes Slides Off Runway at NYC’s JFK; No Injuries

Jan 5
A plane from Toronto slid into snow as it turned onto a taxiway after landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday, halting flights at the airport for two hours and causing residual delays.

Richard Simmons Helps Get Air Passengers Fit to Fly

Apr 10
Air New Zealand’s safety ambassador for its new inflight safety video is US fitness legend Richard Simmons. As of March 2011, Simmons will be putting Air New Zealand customers through their paces, as he takes them through the airline’s safety briefing.

Five Products To Help You Beat Jet Lag

Apr 8
For those looking for pill-free solutions to minimize jet lag, here are five products designed to help you and your body when crossing multiple time zones.

Flight Survey Reveals Active Interest in Mile High Club

Feb 14
According to a recent survey by Skyscanner, no less than forty-five per cent of passengers admit to flirting while flying - while a whopping ninety-five per cent want to join the mile high club.

GOP Lawmaker: Security Checks Part of ’Gay Conspiracy’

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 1
The fringe right continues to fret about what it fears are sexual thrills being enjoyed by airport security agents. The latest: a Republican lawmaker claims that the enhanced scans and pat-downs are part of a "wide-scale homosexual agenda."

Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests

By Michael Tarm | Nov 24
Travelers dismayed by airport body scans are headed to airports Wednesday with the makings of any good protest: handmade fliers, eye-catching placards, slogan-bearing T-shirts - and Scottish kilts.

TSA chief: Resisting scanners just means delays

By Ray Henry | Nov 23
Despite tough talk on the Internet, there was little if any indication of a passenger revolt at many major U.S. airports, with very few people declining the X-ray scan that can peer through their clothes. Those who refuse the machines are subject to a pat-down search that includes the crotch and chest.

Gov’t says full-body scanners at airports are safe

By Lindsey Tanner | Nov 19
They look a little like giant refrigerators and pack a radiation dose big enough to peer through clothing for bombs or weapons, yet too minuscule to be harmful, federal officials insist. As the government rolls out hundreds more full-body scanners at airports just in time for crowds of holiday travelers, it is working to reassure the public that the machines are safe.

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